An All-new Design 

We knew creating Rapide S would be a challenge. We wanted improvements in styling, performance and customer personalisation, but we didn't start with our previous model, we went back to the beginning. This process delivered a Rapide S that is more assertive than ever before. Our engineers delivered where our designers demanded, meaning the Rapide S is unbelievably pure compared to our original design.

Rapide S – More Power, More Beauty, Same Soul


In 2010 Rapide evolved our unmistakable design language to worldwide acclaim. We achieved where so many had failed and created a truly beautiful four-door sports car. Rapide S goes further with an all-new design of poise, power and luxury.

We created the world’s most beautiful four-door sports car, again.

* Transparent roof for illustration purposes only.


The ‘Golden Ratio’ sits at the heart of every Aston Martin. Balanced from any angle, each exterior line of Rapide S works in concert and every proportion is precisely measured to create a lithe, pure form. Our engineering follows the same principle. A near perfect weight distribution ensures Rapide S is balanced in form and balanced in function.


Designed for grace and poise, Rapide S is also designed for dynamic performance. With a new bonnet structure and seven new body panels the all new Gen4 AM11 engine sits 19 mm lower in the chassis. An aerodynamic profile, enhanced by the new rear 'flip', smooths exterior airflow to improve efficiency and performance. Comfortable as a luxurious GT or a nimble sports car, you instantly realise Rapide S is designed to be driven.

The ‘Golden Ratio’ defines the form and luxury defines the detail. A new exterior pack adds carbon fibre to six surfaces, including the centre section of the new front splitter, all formed and fitted by hand. A jewel-like side-strake, machined from aluminium, sculpts the side of the car, whilst each bonnet louvre is cast individually from high-density zinc. Rapide S takes our exquisite exterior detailing to new heights of finesse.



The Aston Martin grille is world-renowned, instantly recognised and instantly respected. Rapide S goes further, we designed an assertive new full-face grille as a bold reimagining of our time honoured design cue. Machined by hand from aluminium, this imposing grille gives Rapide S an inimitable front profile. But we didn’t stop there, our engineers ensured that this new grille doesn’t only look stunning, it’s also the largest production grille in the world to meet pedestrian protection requirements.


New optional lightweight forged alloy wheels are unique to Rapide S. 11% lighter than the standard wheel with a 9% improvement in perpendicular mass, these striking 10-spoke design wheels are available in a Silver or Black Diamond Turn finish.


Rapide S uses more leather than any other Aston Martin in history. Thousands of unique colour combinations and a wide range of finishes make each Rapide S bespoke to its owner. Our world-leading design team created a new interior finish unique to Rapide S. This distinctive new perforated duotone black and red leather features a pure black top surface with a subtle red undertone.

An interior of exceptional quality means travelling in Rapide S is to travel in pure comfort. It’s a cabin clothed in the finest materials. Swathes of Bridge of Weir leather work in harmony with wood and carbon fibre detailing to create an environment where every detail has been specifically designed for luxury. Two new interior styling packs, Piano Black and Carbon Fibre offer definitive finishes to complement the largest range of leather colours ever available.

Exclusive in design, enticing in experience, Rapide S – the power of luxury.