"At the heart of any great sports car is a great engine, none more so than the Aston Martin V12."

Ian Minards
Director of Product Development


Rapide S is the most powerful four-door Aston Martin ever produced. We combined breakthrough technology with our advanced engineering to create an all new engine, the Gen 4 AM11 Rapide, the most advanced engine in our history. Technology from the race track delivers unprecedented performance figures; 620Nm of torque, a 0-60 mph time of just 4.7 secs and 550 HP of power, a staggering 17% increase on our previous model.

AM11 is the power behind the luxury.


With 620Nm of peak torque, a 20Nm increase on our previous model, Rapide S always performs, all of the time.

Look at the detail and the numbers are even more impressive; 40Nm more torque between idle and 4000rpm, 50Nm more at 2500rpm. The Rapide S AM11 engine delivers incredible improvements at low engine speed plus exceptional power at higher rpm.

An Engineering Benchmark

Rapide S features an all new design and an all new AM11 engine. That's not all, the most powerful and luxurious Rapide in history has seen us develop our world-renonwed VH architecture even further.

Constructed from lightweight aluminium and bonded with sophisticated epoxy resin, Rapide S utilises the latest iteration of Aston Martin's unique engineering philosophy. Adapted and improved for the original Rapide, Rapide S sees a further evolution. By combining many of the technical innovations developed in our Ultimate GT, Vanquish, we've delivered a sports car architecture of unrivalled stability and rigidity.

Our exterior design always works in tandem with our structural engineering. Aerodynamic improvements produced by an all-new carbon fiber splitter and rear diffuser combine with the lighter structure of Rapide S. From a sophisticated core to a beautiful skin, Rapide S is seamless in design and structure.

With an increase in power and peak torque, we also improved the weight distribution of Rapide S to make this the most agile four-door car we’ve ever made. Innovative solutions were designed from scratch. The engine placement is lowered by 19mm, as is the under body structure and cross brace assembly. Both factors in creating a centre of gravity closer to the road, improving handling. With a curb weight of just 4,387lbs and a weight distribution of 48:52, Rapide S handles the increased power of the new AM11 engine with world-class dynamics.


Technologically Advanced

Industry-leading technology means a comprehensive range of Rapide S safety solutions. Seat belt engineering includes dual pre-tensioning and load limiting technology for all four passengers, in addition to eight airbags. A structure of advanced bonded aluminium effectively manages crash loads, as does a new front bumper beams and fixation design meeting EU1 Lower Leg Compliance legislation.

Engineered to Excel & Adapt

Rapide S is the first Rapide to include our hi-tech Gen4 Adaptive Damping. Allowing the driver to choose between three modes; ‘Normal’ ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’, each delivering a unique driving experience. Controlled at the push of a real glass button, feedback is instant and the changes immediate, meaning Rapide S can move effortlessly from luxurious GT to assertive sporting performance. A four-door car adaptable for the track? It’s Rapide S.

Perfectly Pitched

Four adults travelling in comfort want four distinct experiences. The sound of the AM11 engine is balanced precisely with the exquisite quality of the Bang & Olufsen Beosound system to ensure the driver gets a blend of exterior and interior sound. We don’t forget those in the rear. Optional rear seat entertainment includes a six-disc DVD player. Designed by our sound engineers to balance the DVD audio with the inherent sound of Rapide S. Whatever seat you’re in, Rapide S delivers a pitch perfect audio experience.