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Ultimate Grand Tourer

The New Aston Martin Vanquish

A Masterful Blend. Art, Technology & Craftsmanship

Design Sketch

We had one goal: produce the greatest Aston Martin in history. With 100 years of heritage and a lineage featuring some of the most iconic cars of all time, creating a new Aston Martin flagship pushed our designers to new heights.

The result is exactly what we set out to achieve; the past, present and the future of Aston Martin in a single car – The New Vanquish.

Vanquish Front View

The Next Generation

Highly distinctive, yet timelessly attractive. Unique features take the design ethos of Aston Martin into a new generation. An all-new exterior form, influenced by the One-77 supercar, sees each carbon-fibre body panel take a taut, aggressive form. The sculpted curves of the wheel arches and rear haunches define the profile. The iconic Aston Martin grille and new front-splitter create a unique ‘face’.

A New Form.
Uniquely Formed

Our designers designed a new form of Aston Martin. Our engineers used a new material to make it a reality. Every external panel is made from aerospace standard carbon-fibre. Essential in creating the pure surfaces and maintaining the precision used to create such a beautiful design. Carbon-fibre also offers immense structural benefits. Creating a lighter body which is unbelievably 25% lighter than DBS. Vanquish is where form perfectly meets function.

Vanquish isn’t just constructed from carbon-fibre, it’s also styled with it. A continuous ring of exposed 2x2 twill weave sees the splitter, light-catching side skirts and rear diffuser blend together to plant the car visually. We don’t stop there. We also measure and position the material exactly so the subtle weave flows precisely to accentuate the car’s elegance. With an exposed carbon-fibre roof, door handles and wing mirrors also optional, Vanquish is cloaked in a suit of carbon.

A Suit of Carbon

Carbon Fibre Styling

A fusion of design & engineering

World-leading design. A century of engineering excellence. The New Vanquish is the embodiment of Aston Martin in the 21st century. Take the stunning new rear Aero Duct. Elegantly designed, yet a crucial engineering asset. This subtle feature counteracts lift at high speed but also ensures the lithe shape of Vanquish continues through the rear of the car. A triumph of both design and technical ability.

The New Vanquish - Aeroflip

Powered by our greatest engine. Formed by carbon-fibre. The New Vanquish is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin design, innovation and ability. Luxurious, continent-crossing capability, and a dynamic form. This is the most beautiful Aston Martin yet.

Honed Athlete

The New Vanquish - A Honed Athlete

More Space & More Spacious

Grand Tourer is a category, but it’s also a purpose. We knew that to create our Ultimate GT demanded increasing both boot and cabin room. We delivered. The story is told by three stunning numbers. 37mm more legroom. 60% more boot space. An unbelievable 140% more interior space than DBS. Vanquish isn’t just the greatest Grand Tourer we’ve ever built, it’s also the grandest.

The New Vanquish - Boot

The New Vanquish - Interior Sketch

Luxury, Designed

We wanted an interior that struck the perfect balance between intimacy and comfort. We went back to the beginning. All-new components. Brand-new materials. Unique interior environments. The cockpit of Vanquish works in complete harmony with the exterior form. It’s a seamless experience.

Perfectly Integrated Technology

With Vanquish technology isn’t added, technology is integrated. New features include a specifically developed, advanced infotainment system and re-designed centre console controlling all aspects of the interior environment. The result of hundreds of hours of usability testing Superior technology designed to subtract nothing from a pure driving experience. An industry first sees ‘haptic-feedback’ introduced on the push of our real-glass buttons.

Vanquish is the most technologically advanced Aston Martin in history.

Over hundred thousand potential interior specifications, Vanquish isn’t personalised, it’s personal. Every inch of leather. Each smooth metal surface. All one-million stitches. Every Vanquish is unique.

An unbelievable array of choice, but no compromise on materials. Only the finest glass and metal. Only the most precise carbon-fibre weave. Only the softest, most supple leather. We designed the most luxurious Aston Martin interior ever created, but we want you to tailor it.

The Ultimate

The New Vanquish - Luxury Interior