A Sporting Dream

Searing Urgency

Specifically tuned to create the right blend of power and performance the 4.7ltr V8 engine that sits at the heart of V8 Vantage S is the most potent V8 unit we’ve ever made. Assembled by hand at our bespoke Cologne facility, V8 Vantage S enhances the stunning figures produced by V8 Vantage.

Peak power of 436PS. Maximum torque of 490Nm. Top speed of 190mph. A 0-60mph sprint time of just 4.8secs. V8 Vantage S is an intense and dynamic driving experience.

Sportshift II

V8 Vantage S mates this added potency to an all-new seven-speed ‘Sportshift II’ paddle-operated transmission. Fitted as standard and featuring closer gear ratios and a shorter final-drive ratio, this gives the Vantage S exceptional in-gear acceleration. The inherent benefits of a single clutch system reduces complexity and significant weight over a dual clutch solution. Sportshift™ II allows the driver to take an increased level of control, modulating the throttle pedal to achieve the desired type of gear change.

An advanced aluminium structure sits at the heart of every Aston Martin. This ‘VH’ platform is uniquely tailored for Vantage S to offer the rigidity and agility required of such a dynamic sports car. With aerospace-standard epoxy resin bonding the complex structure the adaptable VH platform uses industry-leading technology to produce a balance between performance, safety and exquisite exterior form.

Underpinned by Expertise

At the push of
a Button

Vantage S features a ‘Sport’ button. One press of this exquisite glass switch quickens the gear changes and gives the driver a more aggressive throttle response while also opening the exhaust bypass valves across most of the engine speed range. The epitome of what it means to experience V8 Vantage 'S', the Sport button puts the driver in complete control.


As with every Aston Martin, the V8 Vantage S benefits from its own unique sound, engineered specifically by our Sound Engineers to fit the tone of the car and its place in our model range. Constructed by a new exhaust muffler and bypass valve map, each element combines to create a distinctive and highly vocal exhaust note.

Compelling Engagement
& Precise Balance

V8 Vantage S introduces a host of dynamic enhancements. New springs and dampers. Wider rear wheels and chassis revisions. A new dynamic stability control (DSC) system specifically tuned to the Vantage. A new brake module providing Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) for extra assistance in emergency braking situations. We also worked on where the rubber meets the road, as bespoke tyres have been developed with Bridgestone to improve hold and feel.

Bridging the gap between road and track, the Vantage S is heavily influenced by the Vantage GT4. Forming the engineering base from which the race-ready car is created. Racing safety modifications include an FIA roll cage and racing fuel tank along with weight savings. With 40 race wins in 2012 alone, in championships taking place around the world we also use the lessons learned in our GT programme to make the Vantage range even more capable. Put simply, when we win, you win.

From Road to Race,
And Back