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Ultimate Volante

Engine Technology


Blistering performance levels from the most powerful Volante we’ve ever created. The advanced AM11 V12 engine delivers 620Nm of torque, 565 BHP of peak power and a sprint of just 4.1 secs. Breakthrough engine technology; machined combustion chambers, enlarged throttle bodies and knock sensing ensure AM11 delivers power throughout the rev range. The thrill of open-top driving is delivered by class-leading technical expertise.

  • 620Torque
  • 565Power
  • 4.1Seconds
    0 to 62 MPH




Direct Power


A powertrain lowered by 19mm versus DBS Volante means Vanquish Volante has incredible agility. A front mid-engine, rear transaxle layout contributes to a near perfect 51:49 weight distribution for outstanding dynamic ability so when Vanquish is pushed, Vanquish always delivers.

The Core of what we do

Globally renowned, the latest Gen4 evolution of our VH architecture sits at the heart of Vanquish Volante. Re-engineered for the unique challenges of a convertible, our VH architecture combines bonded aluminium with carbon fibre creating a light but stiff core. New underfloor panels tie the tub together on both engine and transmission bays. A new rear subframe spreads load evenly through the structure. From core to skin, this is breakthrough technology.

A Stiff Target

We wanted to produce the same driving experience in Vanquish Volante as we’d achieved in Vanquish Coupe. The key? Torsional rigidity. The most rigid Volante we’ve ever made is an incredible 14% stiffer than DBS Volante. The re-engineered VH architecture delivers key benefits; thicker sill gauge, new engine bay struts – managing front load, a hollow aluminium subframe – reducing weight by 10%.

The benefits are instantly clear as Vanquish Volante gives razor-sharp steering feedback. With lower steering corruption , less bodyroll and predictable handling, the intensive work we did at the heart of Vanquish Volante impacts the complete driving experience.

Revolutionary Carbon Body

Advanced aerospace standard carbon-fibre saves weight and helps achieve a revolutionary new body structure. 50% more boot space from carbon-fibre rear panels, minimising weight outside the wheelbase and increasing agility. Like Vanquish Coupe, Vanquish Volante is also cloaked in a suit of carbon. Derived from our GT race-car programme carbon-fibre allows the creation of unbroken exterior lines, improving aerodynamics and helping our designers realise a muscular exterior form.

Ultimate Driving Dynamics

The Ultimate Volante performs with outstanding dynamics and maximum ride comfort. The same 3-stage adaptive damping system developed for Vanquish Coupe makes its Volante debut, tuned for perfect convertible performance. Recalibrated for the weight and stiffness characteristics of a Volante body structure this advanced new system allows complete control whatever the conditions. 3rd generation Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes are also introduced for lightning quick response with virtually no fade.

Material Engineering

Re-engineered multi-layer roof fabric produces a new level of comfort and protection. A weatherproof outer canopy combines rubber for noise reduction, acrylic twill and polyester lining. A middle Thinsulate interlayer aids heat retention and Rokona headlining on the inside of the roof is an integral part of the cabin finish. Warm, protective and stylish – the roof of Vanquish Volante uses advanced material engineering.

World-Class Sounds

13 speakers deliver the greatest sound system ever integrated on an Aston Martin. The industry-leading Bang&Olufsen BeoSound automatically monitors and adapts for cabin noise to deliver perfect audio quality.

Each speaker is enclosed in an air-tight cabinet, reducing interference and deliver sharp precise sounds. Acoustic Lens tweeters (ALT) project have integrated reflective surfaces to spread sound horizontally through the cabin. Integrated with rubber to remove door rattles each ALT rises smoothly when the system is activated. You’ll never notice the engineering, but you’ll certainly notice the sound it creates.

Passenger Comfort & Security

Our cars are driven by design, not by legislation. Patented solutions ensure passenger comfort and security is at the heart of what we do. Side curtain airbags mounted discreetly on the door upper trim combine with driver and rear passenger airbags. A redeveloped front profile introduces a new pedestrian protection system integrated underneath the bonnet. Our advanced ‘Rollover Protection System’ deploys hidden spikes from behind both rear headrests. Removing the tonneau trim cover and shattering the rear screen to provide protection for driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

Tested to Extremes

Ideal for hot weather driving, Vanquish Volante has been tested to extremes in both warm and cold temperatures. The multi-layer fabric roof reduces noise but also seals effectively to maintain warmth. Building on the advanced programme which ensured Vanquish Coupe was the most intensively tested car we’ve ever made, Vanquish Volante goes even further with a specific programme for the unique demands of convertible engineering.