DB2, DB2/4 & DB MKIII Options & Upgrades

An iconic group of cars that preceded the more famous DB4, 5 & 6 these cars represented a technological shift for Aston Martin within the 1950's.  As highly collectable and extremely rare cars we are delighted to offer owners the assurance of having work carried out by our specialist team. 

More detail on the options and upgrades we offer for DB2, DB2/4 and DB MKIII can be found below.


We have a number of options available for DB2, 2/4 and MkIII vehicles but due to the unique nature of each individual vehicle modifications and upgrades tend to be tailored to the individual car in question.

Please contact us if you have a requirement. We would be happy to discuss what is possible to achieve for your DB2, 2/4 or MKIII.


We can convert your car to negative earth electrical system and offer a wide range of modern equipment to make your DB2 or MKIII more usable and enjoyable.

From Bluetooth compatible HiFi and satellite navigation systems to concealed electronic variable rate power steering and even air conditioning can all be expertly retro fitted to your car. All developed and fully tested by Aston Martin Works Service.