THE V12 Zagato

The latest Icon from an enduring collaboration

We Looked back to Look Forward

Our world-leading design team were set a challenge; create a car that not only celebrated the DB4GT Zagato but continued to evolve and develop the enduring Aston Martin design ethos.

At the same time the Zagato design team worked to produce their own contemporary tribute to the collaboration. The two designs were compared, a decision was made, and the elegant yet brutal V12 Zagato, designed by Aston Martin, was produced in concept form.

From Concept, To Race...

Overwhelming customer reaction to the concept’s appearance at the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance and its stunning performance at the 2011 Nürburgring 24hr race saw the V12 Zagato destined to enter strictly limited production.

...To Road

The Aston Martin design team took their concept and refined it for the road. Faithful to the concept yet more detailed in styling and features, the V12 Zagato road car was unveiled in early 2012. An icon had been realised.

Creating an Icon Takes Time

Every Aston Martin is unique, a combination of design, technology, engineering and craftsmanship. The V12 Zagato heightens this philosophy. Unbelievable figures; 2,000 man-hours are used to create each example with over 100 hours used to paint just one car. Each example is constructed in a laboratory like-space, specifically created for the V12 Zagato.

Nothing about the V12 Zagato is conventional, this is a car produced by hand using time honoured Aston Martin traditions.

Brutal Yet Elegant

Powerful lines, compelling proportions. The V12 Zagato achieves the impossible, combining elegance and brutality in one stunning design.

Hand-beaten panels produce the distinctive, signature ‘double-bubble’ Zagato roof and bulging rear haunches, whilst Carbon fibre fenders and a sculpted rear wing improve aerodynamic performance. 

Unique Exterior Colours

Alongside Carbon Black, four unique colours have been created for the V12 Zagato: Scintilla Silver, Alloro Green, Alba Blue and Diavolo Red.

The painting process alone takes some 100 hours to complete and is followed by the marriage of the body and the drivetrain within the sports car production area. From there the V12 Zagato is transferred to the standalone facility originally built to house One-77 production, where the build is completed.


    Exquisite Detailing

    Breathtaking from every angle, with jewel like details up close. Every inch of carbon fibre is chosen and treated to achieve a perfectly symmetrical weave. A bold new grille, the defining feature of every Aston Martin, is re-imagined with a unique three-dimensional composite mesh, each element forming the famous ‘Z’ Zagato moniker.

    Inimitable Attention
    to detail

    To match the exquisite exterior design we created an equally distinctive interior. The finest materials, all shaped by hand, create every Aston Martin - the V12 Zagato goes further. Semi-aniline leather quilting is stitched in a unique ‘wave’ pattern on the lightweight Zagato seats, but we added a further innovation, the pattern continues on to the interior headlining creating a striking cabin environment.

    With a ‘Z’ logo embroidered within the headrests and the rear parcel shelf, the V12 Zagato is defined by detail. Switches made of real glass, coarse and fine stitching, satin lacquered carbon fibre - this is a unique interior gracing only the strictly limited run of production V12 Zagatos.

    Uniquely designed, exquisitely finished, hand-crafted from the finest materials. The V12 Zagato adds a new chapter the iconic series of Aston Martin, Zagato collaborations.

    An Experience From Within