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V12 Vantage S combines ferocious power with superb agility and sensational performance. Our engineers worked to produce a new ingredient, an ingredient which would take the potent recipe of V12 Vantage S to a new level of exhilaration – the thrill of open top driving.

Presenting V12 Vantage S Roadster, a devilishly charismatic driving machine.




An Assault on
the Senses

By combining the compact agility of the Vantage chassis with the scintillating response of our legendary 6.0-litre V12 engine, a sports car of outrageous ability has emerged. The V12 Vantage S is shot-through with aggression yet blessed with delectable poise and balance. It is a completely immersive experience.

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  • 201Top Speed
  • 565Power
  • 3.9Seconds
    0 to 60 MPH


Sportshift III, a seven-speed AMT transaxle gearbox was specifically designed to tap the potency of V12 Vantage S. 2017 sees the return of a manual-shift transmission as an option, creating the ultimate analogue experience in a digital world.

Seamless gear changes at high engine speeds. Advanced light-touch paddleshifts giving maximum driver control, while the new manual transmission provides maximum engagement between driver, vehicle and road.

A transmission derived from the Vantage GT programme brings motorsport engineering and race-car capability to the road.

V12 Vantage S doesn’t just deliver power it's harnessed by the bespoke seven-speed Sportshift III transmission. This marriage of high performance engine and specifically engineered transmission is one derived from our GT race programme – proven through endurance race success. Lightning fast shifts are delivered with precision to ensure ultimate performance and control. The driver has even more control with optional Sport mode offering an instantaneous level of performance through rapid responsiveness.


An Unmistakable

Powerful athleticism. Perfect balance. Vantage is a true icon of contemporary design. Perhaps the greatest achievement is producing a car which looks as simple, pure and toned in Roadster format as it does as a Coupe. V12 Vantage S adds further visual intensity over the subtlety of other Vantage Roadsters, with carbon fibre detailing and impactful exterior graphics for the front grille and rear tailgate panel.

V12 Vantage S Roadster commands your full attention even before you drive.

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Pure Emotion  

V12 Vantage S Roadster brings together emotion, exhilaration and intense feeling in a complete package. To drive V12 Vantage S is to experience a blend of raw performance and advanced engineering, powerful design and meticulous detailing. We set out to create a car with a unique and visceral character, one set apart from all others - once driven never forgotten.

Even to hear the unique engine and exhaust soundtrack is to realise that the most important element our designers designed and the most crucial quality our engineers engineered was the simply the thrill of the drive.


Vantage’s new infotainment system, AMi III brings ergonomic and interface refinements to create a fully intuitive experience. Key features include updated Satellite Navigation system, Bluetooth® as standard, text message integration and a wide range of connectivity options, including Apple CarPlay. Convenience is married to peerless style with an elegant new centre stack available in a wide variety of tactile finishes, touch sensitive switchgear featuring haptic feedback technology and a user interface that is completely intuitive.

Inside, the V12 Vantage S possesses effortless elegance and utilises lightweight materials wherever possible to capture the essence of the racetrack. The Alcantara®-trimmed steering wheel and carbon fibre gearshift paddles (optional) are a tactile reminder of this car’s focus and there are a whole range of bespoke panel stitch and stripe designs to further intensify this car’s drama.

Power and


The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S brochure is available to view online or purchase from the Aston Martin Shop. This hardcover, 52 page brochure provides further imagery and insight on our pure sports car.

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