Aston Martin Heritage Offers 

A range of strictly limited edition Heritage prints are available to purchase now, alongside a selection of Heritage parts and accessories to maintain and protect your Aston Martin. All lines are currently offered with 15% discount for AMOC and AMHT members.

To purchase any of the items below please contact Charlie Deycon - +44 (0)1908 305548.


Protect Your Car 

Car Covers

These beautiful covers are tailor made to fit your car like a glove. Made from ultra soft, fully breathable materials, including a fleecy inner, they offer superb indoor protection from dust, scrapes and scratches. Our car covers are fully machine washable and are available in a wide range of 20 colours.


Tailor made by hand in the UK, our Heritage overmats use the finest New Zealand wool in a blend to offer maximum luxury and durability. Available in a range of colours to match your carpeting, our overmats are hand trimmed with leather edging to either match or contrast as you choose.

Maintain Your Car 


• Handbook- 020-040-0131
• Parts Book - 020-043-0105
• Workshop Manual - 020-043-0130


• Handbook- 048-040-0131
• Parts Book - 048-043-0132
• Workshop Manual - 048-043-0130


• Handbook- 055-040-0131
• MK2 Handbook - 073-040-0131
• Parts Book - 055-043-0105
• Workshop Manual - 073-043-0130


• Handbook- 069-040-0131
• Parts Book - 069-043-0105
• Workshop Manual - 069-043-0130


• Pre Oscar India Handbook - 095-040-0102
• Oscar India Handbook - 40-19425
• 580X and EFI Handbook - 40-26322
• Pre Oscar India Parts Book - 095-043-0122
• Oscar India Parts Book - 43-26290
• Pre Oscar India Workshop Manual (540 Engine) - 095-043-0123


• Non ABS Handbook UK - 40-55731
• ABS UK 93MY Handbook - 40-64196
• Parts Book - 43-55455
• Technical Guide - 43-56465
* Different languages available on request.

V8 Vantage

• Pre 97MY Handbook - 40-74630
• 97MY Handbook - 40-74698
• Le Mans Handbook - 40-75383
• Parts Book - 43-74458
• Technical Guide - 43-56606

V8 Coupe & Volante

• Coupe Handbook- 40-56360
• Coupe 98MY Handbook - 40-56647
• Parts Book - 43-56461
• Techncial Guide (Family) - 43-56606
• LWB Volante Handbook - 40-66517
• LWB Volante Parts Book- 43-66551

DB7 (I6)

• Handbook- 40-81154

DB7 Z & DB AR1

• DB7 Zagato Handbook- 40-140025-AA
• DB AR1 Handbook - 40-150064-AA

DB7 Vantage & GT

• DB7 Vantage Handbook - 40-124415-AB
• DB7 (GT & GTA) Handbook - 40-125620-AA


• 01MY Handbook - 1R12-403861-AA
• 03MY Handbook - 3R12-403861-AA
• 04MY Handbook - 4R12-403861-AA
• Vanquish S Handbook - 5R13-19A321-AA
• Vanquish S 06MY Handbook - 6R13-19A321-AA

June 2013 News 

Welcome to the seventh issue of our Aston Martin Heritage Technical News. We have some exciting new developments to share with you which underline our commitment to the growth of Heritage parts and the support we offer to our customers.

DB4 and DB5 Overriders

DB Overriders are nearly here! The development of new tooling has taken longer than expected with various changes to ensure that these important parts are faithful to the 1960’s originals. As with some of our other bumpers we have taken the decision to supply these in unchromed form. This will allow for minor fettling so that a perfect fit can be achieved.

DB4/5 Boot Lock

We are pleased to announce availability of the boot lock assembly for the DB4 and DB5 models. Supplied with two keys, this important part is an essential element of any top level restoration.

Heritage 20/50 Oil 1ltr

We have substantially reduced the price of the 1 litre “top up” pack, particularly when ordered in a carton of 12. Please contact Charlie Deycon for details.

• 030-012-0023R and 030-012-0024R

• 030-007-0019


AMV8 Restoration - Diff Cradle

With an increasing number of AMV8’s being restored to their former glory, we are delighted to announce the re-introduction of the differential support cradle, a part that over years of being exposed to the elements, can suffer from terminal corrosion problems. These units are fabricated in house using our original archive drawings.

• 26-15886

AMV8 Restoration - Axle Cradle

An increasing number of MOT problems due to long term corrosion issues has prompted us to re-introduce the beam assembly which is located above the V8 De Dion axle. Produced from original Aston Martin drawings using new welding fixtures this important structural part is already proving popular.

• 26-17578

We will be shortly offering one of our regular pricing promotions so please look out for the announcement – remember it is first come first served!

For any enquiries please contact:

Propshaft UJ Kit

Having concluded negotiations with the original supplier, we are pleased to announce substantially reduced pricing on this important service part for DB5, DB6 and DBS models.

• 052-031-1103

Shim Lower King Pin Bearing

At the request of several customers, we now stock a .010” King Pin shim for DB and V8 models. Together with the .020” A and .048” B suffix versions, bearing set up will become easier and more accurate.

• 020-023-0162C

Lagonda Parts Catalogue

In line with our continued policy of making hard copy Heritage publications available, we are pleased to announce that the Lagonda Parts Catalogue is now back in stock.

• 43-26291