The Aston Martin Vantage GTE's foundation is the V8 Vantage road car. The Vantage GTE uses the very same aluminium chassis as the road car and the core of its engine, the cylinder block, cylinder heads and crank shaft.

Weight and Aerodynamics

There are minimum weight limits in sports car racing and for the GTE class it is 1245 kg, around 400 kg less than the road car. Significant weight is saved in the bodywork where carbon fibre panels replace the already lightweight aluminium in the road car. The interior of the car is also stripped as items like electrically-controlled leather seats, in-car entertainment and sound proofing are not needed.

The overall shape and silhouette of the car has to remain the same under the regulations, however aerodynamics are crucial in enhancing performance.


The new 2016 GTE regulations allow for significant changes to the car’s aerodynamics to increase downforce and reduce lap times. The most striking of these is the ability to fit an extended rear diffuser, which can now protrude 100 mm beyond the rear of the car. The rear wing can also be extended to the same distance. At the front, the splitter has been redesigned to improve airflow under the car, to optimise the new diffuser.

From a safety viewpoint the GTE will feature the latest 8862 seat; impact foam in the driver’s door; as well as removable door glazing and a mandatory roof access hatch to aid driver extraction in an emergency.

Technical Specification


• Lightweight V8
• Dry sump oil system
• Engine repositioned to optimise weight distribution
• Power > 480 bhp
• Torque > 500Nm


• Lightweight aluminium chassis
• Steel roll cage to FIA safety standards
• High speed pneumatic jack system


• Hydraulic power assisted steering
• Quick release steering wheel


• Xtrac 6 speed sequential gearbox
• Semi-automatic paddle shift gear change
• ZF Sachs Racing clutch
• Limited slip combination VC and ramp/plate differential
• Carbon fibre propshaft

Fuel System

• 95l fuel cell designed to FIA safety standards
• Twin quick release couplings


• Six pot front Brembo calipers
• • Four pot rear Brembo calipers
• Vented discs
• Pagid RS pads
• Bespoke lightweight pedal box
• Goodridge hydraulic brake lines


• Double wishbone suspension
• Four way adjustable Bilstein dampers

Wheels & Tyres

•TWS Mg front 12.5” x 18”
• TWS Mg rear 13.0” x 18”
• Dunlop 305-680R18
• Dunlop 312-705R18


• Racetech 8862-2009 carbon fibre seat
• Bespoke carbon fibre steering wheel
• Schroth six point safety harness
• Lifeline fire extinguisher system
• Super B lightweight lithium ion battery


• Full aerodynamic update to 2016 LMGTE regulations
• Lightweight carbon fibre bodywork
• Aerodynamic designed front splitter & floor
• Aluminium roof
• CFD optimised aerodynamics, including splitter and diffuser
• Adjustable carbon fibre rear wing
• Driver safety access hatch

Weight & Dimensions

• Length 4450 mm
• Width 1934/1956 mm
• Height 1500 mm
• Wheelbase 2600 mm
• Dry weight 1245 kg

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