Aston Martin has finished fifth overall in the 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hours, in its #007 V12 Vantage GT3 and has taken three class podiums with its close-to-production V12 Vantage and pair of V8 Vantage N430s.

The iconic blue and yellow Bilstein-liveried #007, which recorded the fastest lap of the race with Darren Turner (GB) behind the wheel, completed 156 laps of the 25-km race and showed the pace and reliability to be in contention for the win. However, refueling issues early in the race hampered the charge and Turner and his team-mates, Stefan Mücke (DE) and Pedro Lamy (PT) were left playing catch up for most of the race.

Race Time Remaining

Final Standings

Number Class Overall Position Class Position Laps Gap
007 SP9 5 5 157 2 laps
55 SP8 43 2 136 23 laps
70 SP8 94 3 117 42 laps
100 SP10 39 2 137 22 laps

Race Updates

Final Race Report

Aston Martin has finished fifth overall in the 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hours, in its #007 V12 Vantage GT3 and has taken three class podiums with its close-to-production V12 Vantage and pair of V8 Vantage N430s.

The iconic blue and yellow Bilstein-liveried #007, which recorded the fastest lap of the race with Darren Turner (GB) behind the wheel, completed 156 laps of the 25-km race and showed the pace and reliability to be in contention for the win. However, refueling issues early in the race hampered the charge and Turner and his team-mates, Stefan Mücke (DE) and Pedro Lamy (PT) were left playing catch up for most of the race.

However, in the final laps the car was locked in a gripping battle for fifth place, but it was Aston Martin Racing works driver Lamy who came out on top.

“I was expecting that it would be a relaxing final stint – I just needed to bring the car home but then I had the BMW come out if the pits right behind me and it was looking to take the position.

“We were fast but it was fast too. In traffic it was difficult but it worked for us in the end. Considering the experience we have compared to all these teams, we got a great result. I'm pleased for everyone at Aston Martin it is a great team to be part of.”

In the SP10 class, Nürburgring experts Andreas Gülden (DE) and Oliver Mathai (DE) were joined by British journalists Dickie Meaden and Chris Harris, and together they finished in second place in the V8 Vantage N430’s maiden race.

“I had contact with one of the lead GT3 cars in the small hours and that cost us half an hour, the team did a fantastic job replacing the steering arm and we’ve pushed ever since,” commented Harris. “The N430 hasn’t missed a beat and Nürburgring 24 Hours remains the most colourful, exciting and challenging race of all.”

Aston Martin customers Liam Talbot (AU), Egon Allgäuer (DE), Peter Cate (GB) and Marcus Mahy (GB) finished in second place in the SP8 class for cars over 4.0-litres in the #55 Aston Martin Test Centre-prepared V12 Vantage.

“I came to Nürbrugring in 2012 as a guest of Aston Martin and I was blown away by the teams, cars and drivers, but thought that, having no racing experience, I would never be able to compete here,” commented Talbot. “However, the Aston Martin Test Centre team enrolled me on the Driver Training Academy and from there I got my race licence. Now, just two years later, I’m stood here on the podium and I couldn’t be happier.”

In the same class, the #70 Vantage N340 competed with a team of drivers from the Test Centre, joined by Australians Mal Rose and Peter Leemhuis and, despite a minor issue with the cooling system due to damage from debris on track, the team still took third in the class.

“To compete in Nürburgring 24 Hours and finish in the top five is no mean feat,” commented Head of Motorsport David King. “To come here with only one car against the might of the German car industry was a challenge, but the team rose to it magnificently, and showed that a win in the near future is within our reach.”

“Many of the drivers competing with us this weekend aren’t professional racing drivers but you wouldn’t know that from working with them. The level of professionalism has been impressive and we are proud to have them racing with the Aston Martin wings.”

Twenty Hour Update

With just four hours of Nürburgring 24 Hours remaining, Aston Martin’s four Vantages are still going strong. The #007 V12 Vantage GT3 continues in sixth place overall and all three of the close-to-production road cars are in line for podium finishes.

The #007 V12 Vantage GT3 team is 20 hours into its second 24-hour race in eight days, having contested the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend (14/15 June) in a V8 Vantage GTE. Drivers Pedro Lamy (PT), Stefan Mücke (DE) and Darren Turner (GB) are in sixth place overall going into the final four hours.

“The final four hours are normally drama-filled at Nürburgring 24 Hours,” commented Head of Motorsport David King. “The 169 cars that started the race have either already retired or are beginning to feel the strain of 24 hours of aggressive racing driving on the demanding Nordschleife circuit.”

In addition to the GT3 front-runner, Aston Martin has entered three race-specification road cars into the 24-hour race. The first of the entries, the #100 Vantage N430, is in third place in a seven-strong SP10 class and, in SP8, the #55 V12 Vantage is still in second place with the #70 V8 Vantage N430 close behind in third.

Sixteen Hour Update

Morning has broken over the Nordschleife and all four of the Aston Martin Nürburgring 24 Hours entries are still pounding around the 25-km circuit after 16-hours of action-packed racing.

Aston Martin Racing’s #007 V12 Vantage GT3 is in sixth thanks to strong and consistent driving from Darren Turner (GB), Pedro Lamy (PT) and Stefan Mücke (DE) throughout the night and dawn hours.

The Bilstein and Castrol Edge-liveried machine recorded its fastest lap of the race in the early hours of the morning making it quicker than the five GT3 cars ahead of it.

“The GT3 is running smoothly and Darren, Stefan and Pedro have all consistently completed their stints safely and quickly,” commented Head of Motorsport at Aston Martin Racing David King. “We’re still a lap behind the pack of five at the front but we just have to keep doing what we are doing and see what the race brings to us.”

As the sun began to rise, the #100 V8 Vantage N430 was comfortably in second place in the SP10 class. However, seasoned-racer and British journalist Chris Harris was involved in an incident with a GT3 car causing enough damage to bring it back to the garage. The Aston Martin crew worked hard to replace a bent steering arm and get the car backout. At the 16-hour mark, Andreas Gülden (DE) is hunting down a podium position.

In the SP8 class, the #55 V12 Vantage is still comfortably holding second place and the #70 V8 N430 is in third.

“All of our drivers have got through the difficult early morning shift,” added King. “However, there are still eight hours of racing to go and we mustn’t become complacent. Regardless of fatigue, the whole team will stay focused on getting all four of our cars across the finish line to retain Aston Martin’s 100 per cent finishing rate at the Nürburging’s most grueling endurance event.”

Twelve Hour Update

At the halfway mark of the 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hours, Aston Martin Racing’s #007 Vantage GT3 is in eighth place and the three Aston Martin-entered race-prepared production cars are all in podium positions.

In the #007, Darren Turner (GB) is continuing the team’s charge up the top ten at the mid point of the race, despite a tyre puncture that hampered progress an hour ago. Stefan Mücke (DE) – nearing the end of his second double stint of the race – carefully brought the V12 Vantage GT3 back into the pits for the team to change a punctured tyre and send the Bilstein-liveried machine back out into the dark Eifel Forest.

“The puncture was a shame,” comments Head of Motorsport David King. “We were on a real charge and making fantastic progress and this has put us back a little. However, to be firmly inside the top ten at the halfway mark is good and the drivers and team are doing a solid job to keep the car going despite some incredibly tough racing conditions.”

The #100 Vantage N430 is in second place in the SP10 class. Andreas Gülden (DE) recorded the fastest lap of the class in the early hours and, since midnight, British journalists Dickie Meaden and Chris Harris have both completed stints with Harris staying out for an extra hour in the total darkness to bring it up to the halfway mark.

Despite keeping out of trouble for the majority of the first 12 hours, the #55 V12 Vantage was involved in an incident with a GT3 in the early hours of the morning. Driver Marcus Mahy (GB) continued unhurt and the car was quickly repaired by the team and returned to the race in second place in the SP8 class.

Also in the SP8 class, the #70 V8 Vantage N430 is in third place.

“The first half of the race has been quite chaotic out on the Nordschleife and many teams have been forced to retire, but our crews and drivers have all done a fantastic job to keep our cars going,” adds King. “Three of our four cars are in podium positions so we need to make sure we don’t make any mistakes in the second half of the race, especially in this difficult time as the sun comes up.”

Eight Hour Update

Midnight marks the eighth hour of racing at the 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hours and the #007 Vantage GT3 is back inside the top ten of the 169-strong grid.

Two of the Aston Martin entries continue to hold podium placed positions - the #100 V8 Vantage N430 second in SP10 and #55 V12 Vantage third in SP8.

With the past four hours seeing competitive lap times delivered by both Stefan Mücke (DE) and Darren Turner (GB), the #007 Vantage GT3 is currently occupied by Pedro Lamy (PT) in eighth position.

Darren Turner said after exiting the car, “On the track we’re performing very well. I had a few sectors of the track which were clear and I was able to push hard and really enjoy my time in the car. It’s times like these where you experience the real highs of being a racing driver and also the fear of god.”

The #100 V8 Vantage N430 continues its impressive performance, with both British journalists Dickie Meaden and Chris Harris enjoying successful sessions, ensuring the car remains in second place in SP10. At the eight hour mark, Nürburgring specialist Andy Gülden (DE) remains in the car on the second of his back-to-back stints.

“I was supposed to get in the car about half an hour ago but Andreas is doing a great job hunting down the leader and is feeling good so he stayed out,” commented Dickie Meaden (GB). “We’re now within 30-seconds of the front of the class.”

The #55 V12 Vantage currently sits third in SP8 while the second V8 Vantage N430, car #70, is fourth in SP8.

Four Hour update

After four hours of action-packed racing at the 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hours, two of the four Aston Martin Vantages are in podium positions in their class – the #55 V12 Vantage is in second place in SP8 and the #100 Vantage N430 is in third place in SP10.

Despite a fantastic start, that saw the #007 Vantage GT3 driven by Pedro Lamy (PT) climb from its starting position of 14th up to eighth in the opening laps, refueling at the first pit stop took longer than planned and Lamy exited the pits in P18.

The V12-machine continued with its charge and at the four-hour mark the car was running in 15th with Stefan Mücke (DE) behind the wheel.

“There was an issue with refueling, which has now been resolved,” commented Head of Motorsport at Aston Martin David King. “Obviously it cost us some time but these things can happen. It’s a long race and we’re still in the very early hours.”

In the #SP8 class, the #55 V12 Vantage is in second place and the #70 V8 Vantage N430 is in fourth.

Currently in third place in the SP10 class is the #100 Vantage N430. Andreas Gülden (DE) started the race and climbed 18 places in the first lap while taking second place in class. After a double stint, British journalist Dickie Meaden (GB) took over the wheel and continued the charge.

“We’re playing the long game with all of our cars,” King continues. “ We asked the drivers to stay out of trouble and keep the cars safe and all of them have done so, despite some difficult driving conditions on the greasy track. We just need to keep pounding round safely and keep out of the pits.”

Post Qualifying Press Release

Aston Martin Racing’s V12 Vantage GT3 will start the 2014 ADAC Zurich Nürburgring 24 Hours from ninth place on the 169-strong grid, following an exciting top 30 qualifying shoot-out that saw works driver Stefan Mücke (DE) complete two flying laps of the 25-km long Nordschleife circuit.

Qualifying for the race - considered one of the most challenging and grueling 24-hour races in the world - takes place over two two-hour qualifying sessions followed by a shoot-out for the fastest 30. All drivers completed their two mandatory laps on Thursday evening’s session but rain hampered this morning’s outing for many of the top teams.

With an anxious wait as the track slowly dried, the team sent Mücke out in the final 20-minutes, with the pressure on to try and beat the times set by competitors on a warm and dry track the day before. Despite damp and greasy patches across the asphalt, the German didn’t disappoint and, in the final seconds of the session, he placed it 23rd.

Drawing the 28th slot in the shoot-out, Mücke headed out onto the track to complete his laps in the Bilstein and Castrol Edge-liveried V12 machine and, on his second attempt, recorded the ninth fastest lap of the session. “It was a tough qualifying for us thanks to the weather this morning that made it difficult," commented Mücke. “However, we made it into the shoot-out and I think we can be happy with ninth.”

“We were three seconds faster than last year’s qualifying time where qualified in second place but everyone else was faster this time, too.

“We have found a good set up for the car for the race and we are happy with balance. The car runs fine, so we are now looking now for clean race – I can't wait.”

The first of the two race-prepared V8 Vantage N340s, driven by British journalists Chris Harris and Richard ‘Dickie’ Meaden and Nürburgring experts Oliver Mathai (DE) and Andreas Gülden (DE) qualified third in the SP10 class. The second of the N340s, competing in SP8, qualified fifth in class.

Also in SP8, the close-to-production V12 Vantage S will start tomorrow’s race from second in class.

The 2014 ADAC Zurich Nürburgring 24 Hours starts at 1600hrs local time on Saturday 21 June. For more information and for live streaming go to

Pre-Race Press Release

Aston Martin Racing will return to the Nürburgring later this month (21 June) to race its Bilstein-liveried V12 Vantage GT3 in the ADAC- sponsored 24-hour race.

The iconic blue and yellow liveried car, also carrying new Castrol Edge branding for 2014, will compete for the overall race win in the top SP9 class for FIA homologated GT3 on 21-22 June. Continuing its tradition of intensive product prove-out at this unique and gruelling race, Aston Martin will also enter two race-prepared V8 Vantage N430s, one in the SP8 class and another in the SP10 class. The latter will be piloted by British journalists Chris Harris and Richard ‘Dickie’ Meaden and Nürburgring-experts Oliver Mathai (DE) and Andreas Gülden (DE). A close-to-production V12 Vantage driven by an Aston Martin Test Centre team will run in the SP8 class.

The V12 Vantage GT3, driven by Aston Martin Racing works drivers Darren Turner (GB) and Stefan Mücke (DE) finished in tenth in last month’s preparatory race, a four-hour event in the popular VLN series, which featured more than 200 starters across multiple classes.

“When I jumped in, the car immediately felt very good,” said Darren. “We led the 24 hour race for 10 hours last year so we know the car is competitive, and I couldn’t ask for better team-mates than Stefan and Pedro [Lamy].”

Turner added: “We just need to have a trouble-free run on the day, as that is the way we are going to be able to take the fight to the big manufacturer entries.”

For the 24-hour race in June five-times N24 winner Pedro Lamy (PT) will join Turner and Mücke on the 25km-long circuit that is famous for its undulating nature, ever-changing surfaces and unforgiving corners.

Aston Martin has been racing at the Nürburgring since 2006, facilitated in recent years by its permanently-staffed Test Centre adjacent to the circuit. From this base, all of the company’s road-going sports cars are developed and signed off, and a successful driving academy and customer racing programme is run by Test Centre Director Wolfgang Schuhbauer and his team.

“The DB9, V8 Vantage, V8 Vantage N430, V12 Vantage S, Rapide S and Vanquish have all benefited from development at the Nürburgring,” explains Schuhbauer. “A key part of the sign-off process for all new Aston Martins is a 10,000km durability test on the famous circuit and, since 2006, we have also used the 24-hour race to showcase the reliability and build-quality of our cars.”

Pure, unadulterated fun is what lies at the heart of the new V8 Vantage N430. Honed on the track to excel on the road the N430 – available in Coupe or Roadster form – boasts a power hike to 436 PS at 7,300 rpm that brings its output up to that of the spirited V8 Vantage S.

Ally that inherent dynamic capability to lightweight and sporting-biased features as standard such as carbon fibre and Kevlar® seats and ten-spoke forged alloy wheels in a new graphite painted finish – together yielding a weight saving of 20 kg – and it’s clear that the GT4-inspired N430 has been created to deliver exceptional performance with a club sport ethos.

“The Nürburgring 24 Hours is one of the most challenging races in the world,” comments John Gaw, Team Principal at Aston Martin Racing. “Aston Martin has an exceptional 100% finishing record in the race and our aim with the GT3 is not only to maintain this, but to give our all to challenging for the race win.

“We have the team, the car and the drivers to do this, but with 200 cars on such a demanding track, and the notoriously fickle Eifel weather, we will need a large slice of good fortune to stand on the top step of the podium.”

In last year’s event, Aston Martin defied the odds to qualify in second place and lead for the first 10 hours of the race before torrential rain and fog red flagged the action on-track.

“As usual we are in the role of ‘David’ to the ‘Goliath’ of the big German brands, but that is a challenge we relish,” adds David King, Head of Motorsport at Aston Martin. “Last year we were the only British brand to feature in the top 20 on the starting grid – quite a daunting thought!

“We are very fortunate to have long term technical partners Bilstein and Castrol so engaged in supporting our Nürburgring racing programme, as both are technical leaders in their fields and iconic motorsport brands in their own right.”

The ADAC Nürburgring 24 Hours takes place on Saturday 21 June.

Listen Live

Fans favourite and friends of Aston Martin, Radio Le Mans will be providing a unique blend of expertise, commentary, guests and trackside reporting throughout the 24hrs.

Cars & Drivers

One iconic marque. Four cars. 15 drivers.

Discover the cars and drivers who will tackle the legendary Nordschleife for Aston Martin.

SP9 - Vantage GT3

Stefan Mücke

Born: 22 November 1981 Berlin, Germany
Nationality: German
Lives: Berlin, Germany
Helmet: Orange, blue and white
Category: PRO
Career highlight: 2009 Le Mans Series Champion with AMR

Darren Turner

Born: 13 April 1974 Camberley, England
Nationality: British
Lives: Banbury, England
Helmet: Black, blue and red
Category: PRO
Career highlight: Le Mans 2007 and 2008 winning GT1 in an Aston Martin DBR9

Pedro Lamy

Born: 20 March 1972 Alenquer, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese
Lives: Lisbon, Portugal
Helmet: Blue, pink and white
Category: PRO
Career highlight: 2nd 2011 Le Mans 24 hours with Team Peugeot Total

SP10 - Vantage N430

Richard Meaden

Editor of Vantage Magazine and Aston Martin enthusiast, has competed at the N24 with Aston Martin in previous years.

Oliver Mathai


Chris Harris

Chris is a career motoring journalist who has pioneered the online video format. He runs a weekly show that has become the default location for reviews of the latest fast cars. He has worked for most of the large magazine titles as a reviewer and columnist and founded the online enthusiast project Drivers Republic in 2008. His passions are fast cars and racing, but also reaching new audiences and untangling the relationship between media producers, advertisers and consumers.

Andreas Gülden


SP10 - Vantage N430

Dr. Ulrich Bez

Aston Martin Chairman and ex-CEO, Dr. Bez has competed for Aston Martin at the Nurburgring since 2006 and was at the heart of establishing Aston Martin's test centre platform.

Wolfgang Schuhbauer

Aston Martin Nürburgring Test Centre Director

Peter Leemhuis


Mal Rose


SP8 - V12 Vantage

Egon Allgaeuer


Peter Kate


Marcus Mahy


Liam Talbot







Circuit Guide

Dubbed 'The Green Hell' by racing legend Jackie Stewart the iconic Nordschleife (North Loop) forms the bulk of the N24 track which sees cars start on the Nurburgring GP track currently used in Formula One.

Weaving through the picturesque Eifel forest the Nordschleife is known as one of the most demanding race circuits in the world with tight corners, sharp gradients and blind crests. Competing in a crowded field of over 200 cars over the course of 24hrs makes even completing the race a clear achievement for any race driver.

Over the 24hrs of racing our cars will complete around 150 laps with lap times of around eight minutes (varying by class).

We've picked out eight key points and features of the Nürburgring track, many part of motorsport history in their own right.

1- Flugplatz

The Nordschleife was formerly known for its abundance of sharp crests, causing fast-moving, firmly-sprung racing cars to jump clear off the track surface at many locations. Although by no means the most fearsome, Flugplatz is perhaps the most aptly (although coincidentally) named and widely remembered. The name of this part of the track comes from a small airfield, which in the early years was located close to the track in this area. The track features a very short straight that climbs sharply uphill for a short time, then suddenly drops slightly downhill, and this is immediately followed by two very fast right-hand kinks.

3 - Wehrseifen

The slowest part of the Nordschleife, Wehrseifen is a steep downhill section bending to the right requiring precise braking. At the end comes a sharp left hand bend so a measure of speed, braking and awareness of other cars is crucial.

5 - Karussell

Although being one of the slower corners on the Nordschleife, the Karussell is perhaps one of its most iconic, one of two berm-style, banked corners. The entrance to the corner is blind, although Juan Manuel Fangio is reputed to have advised a young driver to "aim for the tallest tree," a feature that was also built into the rendering of the circuit in the Gran Turismo 4 and Grand Prix Legends video games. The combination of a recognisable corner, slow-moving cars, and the variation in viewing angle as cars rotate around the banking, means that this is one of the circuit's most popular locations for photographers.

7 - Pflanzgarten

Could easily be named Flugplatz II as it has one of the biggest jumps on the track. The drop comes after a right-left squiggle but the driver must hit it straight-on to avoid crashing. The car may even need a touch of the brakes before take-off to settle it. After landing, brake for the fast double-apex right-hander of Pflantzgarten.

2 - Fuchsröhre

A series of five bends sees drivers struggle to maintain top speed and handling with the large g-forces applied during high speed. Beginning uphill and then ending with a steep downhill section, coping with the demands of the track and speed are crucial in this section.

4 - Bergwerk

Perhaps the most notorious corner on the long circuit, Bergwerk has been responsible for some serious and sometimes fatal accidents. A tight right-hand corner, coming just after a long, fast section and a left-hand kink on a small crest, was where Carel Godin de Beaufort fatally crashed. The fast kink was also the scene of Niki Lauda's infamous fiery accident during the 1976 German Grand Prix. This left kink is often referred to as the Lauda Links (Lauda left).

6 - Brünnchen

A favorite spectator vantage point, the Brünnchen section is composed of two right-hand corners and a very short straight. The first corner goes sharply downhill and the next, after the very short downhill straight, goes uphill slightly. This is a section of the track where on public days, accidents happen particularly at the blind uphill right-hand corner. Like almost every corner at the Nürburgring, both right-handers are blind. The short straight used to have a steep and sudden drop-off that caused cars to take off; this was taken out and smoothed over when the circuit was rebuilt in 1970 and 1971.

8 - Schwalbenschwanz

The Schwalbenschwanz is a sequence of very fast sweepers located after the second Pflanzgarten. After a short straight, there is a very fast right hand sweeper that progressively goes uphill, and this leads into a blind left-hander that is a bit slower (but still rather fast). The apex is completely blind, and the corner then changes gradient a bit; it goes up then down, which leads into a short straight that ends at the Kleine Karrusell. Originally, this part had a bridge that went over a stream and it was very bumpy; this bridge was taken out and replaced with a culvert (large industrial pipe) so that the road could be smoothed over.

Vantage GT3 - Specification

The Vantage GT3 has been designed from the ground up to offer the latest in race-car technology and embraces all the experience Aston Martin has learnt from years of engineering and competing in international sports car racing with the DBR9, DBRS9 and the latest Vantage GTE (V8).

Aerodynamics are crucial in enhancing performance. The GTE has a large rear wing and front splitter protruding from the bumper to help force the car on to the track at high speeds, enabling it to corner much faster.


• Lightweight 6 litre V12
• Dry sump oil system
• Engine repositioned to optimise weight distribution
• Power >600 bhp
• Torque >700 Nm


• Six pot front calipers
• Ventilated front brake disc
• Four pot rear caliper
• Ventilated rear brake disc
• Floor mounted pedal box
• Manually adjustable front/rear brake bias
• Race developed ABS and traction control


• Lightweight aluminium chassis
• Steel roll cage to FIA safety standards
• High speed pneumatic jack system
• Low engine position


• Hydraulic power assisted steering
• Quick release steering wheel


• Xtrac six speed sequential transmission
• Racing Clutch
• Limited slip ramp/plate differential
• Easily accessible drop gears
• Semi-automatic paddle shift gear change
• Carbon fibre propshaft


• Removable carbon-fibre body panels
• Aluminium roof
• Painted in Aston Martin Solid White as standard

The Vantage - From Race to Road

Advanced engineering, exquisite design, iconic liveries - the Aston Martin Vantage is instantly recognisable whether in race or road format. A car which in GTE, GT3 or GT4 track specification or with a powerful V12 or V8 engine when prepared for the road, is renowned for competitiveness, relilability, and of course beauty.

Discover more on both the Vantage race and Vantage road ranges.

The Aston Martin V12 engined Vantage GT3 is the most powerful Aston Martin racing car, which also includes the Vantage GTE and GT4.

The Vantage GT3 is eligible for numerous race series around the world, including the ADAC GT Masters, Nürburgring VLN, Blancpain Endurance Series, British GT, Japanese Super GT, Malaysian Super Series, Asian Le Mans Series, European Le Mans Series, Brazilian Endurance Belcar, Pirelli World Challenge and Open GT among others.

In 2012 the Vantage GT3 and Super GT took two championship wins, 18 race wins and 30 podium finishes in ADAC GT Masters, British GT, International GT Open, Japanese Super GT, Brazilian Endurance, Britcar 24hr, Le Mans Festival and the Malaysian Super Series.

Born to compete on the track the Aston Martin Vantage is also one of the most iconic sports cars in the world. Widely acknowledged to be one of the all-time great pieces of car design, Vantage has effortless presence and a clean, sculptural form.

With the same engineering, architectural and technical base as the Vantage racing range, the road-going Vantage offers one of the closest 'race to road' experiences imaginable. Only minor changes are made to adapt either the V12 Vantage or V8 Vantage to track specification, meaning the agility, handling and usable power demonstrated on the world's toughest circuits is also available within the Vantage production range.

From the base V8 Vantage and new special edition Vantage N430 through to the extreme V12 Vantage S the Aston Martin Vantage is the very essence of a sports car.