Gulf Oil International Group

The Gulf Oil International Group operates in over 70 countries of the world. The current product offering encompasses a full range of products for automotive and industrial lubricants, but to the public perhaps best known as a famous brand in petrol stations. Gulf branded products are designed to fulfill the requirements of all customers from motorists to engineers by servicing their individual and special needs worldwide.

The Gulf - Aston Martin Racing partnership marks a new era in Gulf's long history in endurance racing. Gulf's brand values of Endurance, Inspiration, Courage, Youth and Care are embodied in this new partnership. The partnership achieved instant success with the Aston Martin DBR9, resplendent in the iconic Gulf racing livery, taking the GT1 class crown at Le Mans 2008 emulating Gulf's past successes in 1968, 1969, 1975, 2001 and 2007. The combination of Gulf's famous brand & racing heritage and Aston Martin Racing's strong involvement in all motor sport arenas, has made 2008 another landmark year in endurance racing for Gulf Oil International.