Since the day that Victor Hasselblad first set out, not to reproduce a fallen German spy camera, but to improve upon it, we have consistently endeavoured to develop and advance the field of photography. We have focused on the long-term evolution of our historic camera line, evolution designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to put the best cameras possible into the hands of the people who use them. This was the creed that guided Victor Hasselblad and it is the creed that guides us still.

We know that there are never any shortcuts to quality. Quality is the result of dedication and hard work, of an unyielding commitment to excellence. No camera manufacturer comes even close to equalling the Hasselblad standard. Our long running collaboration with NASA, for example, serves as an ongoing tribute to the extraordinary quality that our cameras possess.

And to the care that goes into the production of each and every Hasselblad product. Naturally, Hasselblad is ISO 9001 certified and conforms to the most exacting international standards. Our commitment to excellence, however, does not stop there. That wouldn't be in the spirit of Hasselblad or of the man who founded the company. Our mission, now, as always, is simple:

To be the preferred choice among professionally minded photographers.