Transmission and Powertrain
Lightning in a throttle
Rigged with the reactions of a race car. Multi-plated, oil-cooled, designed for racing. Bolstered with a 9-speed ‘wet-clutch’ automatic gearbox. Firing 30% faster gear changes, handling more torque than a typical torque converter. Arming your responses with the feel and agility of a supercar. To allow fast-as-lighting, off-the-line speed with Launch Control. By giving you the power to feed 100% torque directly to the road.
The new dynamics of power
A feat of engineering, cast from super-lightweight carbon fibre. Moulded by technology more usually found on the racetrack. DBX707’s propshaft can withstand 900Nm of head-spinning torque. Enabling 0-62mph in 3.3s. Fused from formidable intricacy. Sculpted as a single piece. Which removes the need for a central bearing. And with it, the vibrations that would conduct through it, roll through the floor of cabin, and corrupt the feeling of the calm in the cockpit.