New Environment
One cockpit, five seats
Furnished with the feel of a supercar. At the height and space of an SUV. The all-focussing, portrait-like-precision of the driver’s position is hidden within the vantage point of an all-seeing, horizontal vista. Coating DBX707 in convenience and comfort with a new level of ergonomics. Placing every control, dial and pedal around the driver. Flushed with contemporary lines, drawing a sense of space and cohesion. While cutting the height of the interior to drop you into the feel of a sports car. And topped with a panoramic roof. A gift for your vision that showcases every detail in light.
A haptic haven
The crowning piece of the cockpit. The new floating centre console. Raising interior standards and expanding the space around you. Embellished with new meticulously made and knurled switches and rotary dials. Blended with high-definition digital technology. Funnelling feedback through the leather wrapped steering wheel into your fingertips.
A sanctuary of space
Not one cut of compromise or stitch of sacrifice. DBX707’s exterior presence is built around its interior. Truly an SUV from the inside out. Supercar ability but opening up with the stowage and usability you would expect from an SUV.