New Sound
Serenading every stitch
A private sanctuary of sound, available as a halo option. Rising to a top depth of 1,600 Watts. Harmonising with the engine’s full-bodied acoustics. Using QuantumLogic Immersion™ to bend noise to your needs, and the interior conditions of the cabin. Filling every touch of DBX707 with striking sound accuracy.
Arranged by Bowers & Wilkins
This sanctum of up to 23 speakers is composed and conducted in Britain. Obsessively pored over in pursuit of the most pure, honest and neutral sound. And carefully comprising dedicated 3D headline speakers, bass speakers and a powerful subwoofer to deliver a dynamic sound experience. Expertly made by the same acoustic artists responsible for the engineering of Abbey Road Studios: Bowers & Wilkins.
Arranged in aluminium
A vision for the ears, finishing on a crescendo for the eyes. The aluminium Double Dome tweeters and Continuum® midrange speakers match the interior jewellery of the car. Expertly developed and designed to smooth sound and avoid abrupt transitions. In symphony with stainless steel speaker frets for a perfect aesthetic and acoustic balance.