Certified Pre-owned


Timeless is the only Aston Martin certified programme featuring a wide range of pre-owned Aston Martins up to 10 years of age.

When you purchase a Timeless car, it naturally comes with the unmatched confidence that your Aston Martin has been carefully curated to look and perform to showroom standard by highly skilled Aston Martin technicians.

Peace of Mind

Owning an Aston Martin is a beautiful experience at every turn, which is why each Timeless purchase is always covered with our extended warranty, roadside assistance*and the very best level of dedicated care and attention by official Aston Martin dealers.


Style with Accessories

All Timeless owners benefit from a 15% discount on eligible Aston Martin Accessories** for three months from the purchase date of your Aston Martin.


AM Magazine Subscription

Stay informed with the beautiful side of life from within the Aston Martin family.Timeless owners enjoy a complementary 12-month subscription to AM Magazine (three issues).


Certified Provenance

You can be assured of the provenance of your purchase as each Timeless Aston Martin’s full vehicle history and mileage is always thoroughly researched and verified, subject to the availability of data in individual markets*.


* Available where Aston Martin offer this service.

**Limited period applies, rates may vary, selected Aston Martin Accessories only.

Beautiful is a lifestyle

Aston Martin Art of Living

Owners will enjoy unprecedented access to some of the most exciting experiences on the planet – spectacular drives, epic journeys, rare insights from independents thinkers and delightful culinary adventures in some of the world’s most beautiful locations***.

Discover Aston Martin Art of Living


Joining the Aston Martin family

The Aston Martin Owners Club is the world’s largest and only official global club for celebrating the beautiful experiences that comes with an Aston Martin. Whether it’s exclusive events, classic car shows or simply enjoying the pastime of motoring – your Timeless purchase is just the beginning of your journey to the heart of the passion of Aston Martin***.

Join the Aston Martin Owners Club

*** Available at an additional cost.

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