Powertrain control through a rotary switch on the centre console gives you instant access to a range of five configured drive modes. 'Sport+' mode is designed exclusively for DBX707 to bring you the most intense driving experience. 'Terrain' for off-road driving. 'GT' for maximum touring comfort. 'Sport' for responsive road driving or 'Individual' to select your personal preference for all elements including suspension, steering and exhaust.
Designed to rein in the supreme, tame the untameable and bring DBX707 to a heart-stopping halt. At a heat that warps steel. Cast in carbon fibre, 420mm at the front, 390mm at the rear, these are the largest brakes ever fitted to a production Aston Martin. Reducing unsprung mass for more sensitive handling, reassuring pedal feel, improved chassis balance and sculpted to look at home on a luxury SUV.