Extreme excitement

Vantage AMR epitomises everything Vantage has stood for since 2005. Possessing dazzling charisma, and a core of inner steel, it is an icon of style and substance, inspired through our racing pedigree to create the purest of thoroughbreds.


Eye-Catching Design

Sculpted for speed

AMR takes Aston Martin into a new dimension. One where we can turn-up the sporting DNA present in all our models and make a true statement. 

Vantage AMR_V8_04 (Large)
Vantage AMR_V8_03

A Celebration

As a celebration of Aston Martin’s worldwide competition success across GT4, GT3 and GTE categories, Vantage AMR is available with as a V8 and fitted with automated sequential manual paddle-shift transmissions, or for the purist, six-speed manual gearboxes.


Vantage AMR is available in the AMR Halo Pack, taking inspiration from Aston Martin Racing’s 2016 WEC-winning #95 Vantage GTE, or with a choice of four striking standard AMR exterior schemes: Stratus White with an Orange graphic; Ultramarine Black with Blue graphic; Zaffre Blue with Red graphic and Scintilla Silver with Grey graphic.

AMR Halo Pack - Stirling Green

The AMR Halo Pack option takes direct inspiration from Aston Martin Racing’s 2016 World Endurance Championship-winning #95 Vantage GTE, working a combination of Stirling Green paint and vivid Lime Green accents to dramatic effect. Available as coupe or roadster.

VH2612_Sterling_Green_V8_Coupe (Custom)
VH2612_Stratus_White_V8_Coupe (Custom)


Inspired by the launch scheme of Vantage GT12, the Stratus White and Orange is an iconic Vantage livery. Available as coupe or roadster.


Inspired by the 2009 V12 Vantage race car that competed in the Nürburgring 24hrs. The Elwood Blue graphic is a subtle acknowledgement to the bright exterior colour of the race car. Available as coupe or roadster.

VH2612_Ultramarine_Black_V8_Coupe (Custom)

Zaffre Blue & Speed Red

Inspired by the V8 Vantage N430, the Zaffre Blue and Red Graphic offer a contemporary twist from the original Mariana Blue and Red N430 scheme. Available as coupe or roadster.

VH2612_Zaffre_Blue_V8_Coupe (Custom)
VH2612_Scintilla_Silver_V8_Coupe (Custom)

Scintilla Silver & Grey

Inspired by the Ceramic Grey graphic launch colour for Vantage SP10, whilst Scintilla Silver was one of the launch colours for the highly exclusive V12 Vantage Zagato. Available as coupe or roadster.

Vantage AMR_V8_06 (Large)

Dr. Andy Palmer

"Vantage delivers for those who seek a special, raw kind of beauty in their driving"


Race-inspired Dynamism

Vantage AMR_V8_06 (Large)

Racing is our DNA

Every Aston Martin is distilled from a race car and Vantage has proven itself on the most demanding circuits around the world. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Vantage has asserted its speed and endurance time and time again with several podium finishes, winning the GTE Pro Class in 2017.

Vantage AMR_V8_01 (Large)

A Spine-tingling Soundtrack

Every Aston Martin has its own distinctive voice, conjured up with a push of the crystal glass key. Cylinders, valves and exhaust work together in an instant to create a magisterial symphony that hints at the performance to come.

Manual - litres/100 km (mpg)

Urban 19.6 (14.4), Extra-urban 10.4 (27.2), Combined 13.8 (20.5)

Manual - CO2 emissions

321 g/km

‘Sportshift II’ - litres/100 km (mpg)

Urban 19.0 (14.9), Extra-urban 9.2 (30.7), Combined 12.8 (22.1)

‘Sportshift II’ - CO2 emissions

296 g/km


Crafting a Masterpiece

Vantage AMR_V8_02 (Large)

An architectural balance

Beneath the skin of every Vantage AMR is the very foundation of the art of Aston Martin: a lightweight, highly versatile and immensely strong aluminium chassis structure that is bonded with aerospace adhesives.


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