With its front-engine, sports car silhouette, short overhangs and planted stance, Valour is intimidatingly beautiful.


The wild, fierce cut-off Kamm-tail gives it its elegant design and generates significant rear downforce to balance overall stability.


Honeycomb alloy wheels

Valour’s 21" honeycomb alloy wheels are forged from the design of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Victor. Its carbon ceramic brakes save 23kg of unsprung weight. As a result, suspension control is improved and grip is maximised. This results in an exquisite dance of dynamic engagement.


The fierce front discs of Valour boast an impressive diameter of 410mm and are firmly gripped by six piston callipers in a colour of your choosing.


The sculpted front fender vents are adorned with carbon fibre veins, which not only enhance Valour's width and dominance, but also releases air pressure within the wheel arch to maximise aerodynamic balance.