We Started
With An


Creating a new, better DB9 was a challenge our designers knew was going to be hard. How to improve on one of the most iconic models in automotive history? We started with a core principle, a principle that ran throughout the early stages of sketches and modelling, the same principle which now defines the New DB9 – timeless elegance.

We took a design we loved, the DB9, a design admired since 2003. With nine years of development in our cutting edge VH architecture we knew we could take this design and create a better, even more beautiful DB9.

Elegant in Design

We created a design with echoes of the classic 'DB' model line but with contemporary elegance and a purity of form. Our designers pushed to produce a car that was as close to the sketches as possible and the engineers delivered. Over 70% of all body panels are new - our designers designed the most elegant DB9 ever, our engineers created it.


Every inch of DB9's form is designed for elegance and balance. The simple beauty of nature guides the design of DB9, with the 'golden ratio' setting all proportions. The result is a profile where every line, dimension and proportion works in harmony. Combine this with the near perfect weight distribution, provided by a lower engine placement, and you have a DB9 balanced on sight and in experience.

A Marriage of Art & Science

An elegant design wasn't enough, it had to work with engineering to deliver performance. The New DB9 combines exquisite exterior lines with advanced engineering to make this the most aerodynamic DB9 we've ever produced. A pronounced rear boot 'flip' and a new bonnet structure mean dynamic airflow is smoother than ever.

We wanted to make an Aston Martin that was as elegant in motion as it was at rest. Our designers honed specific features to give a low, athletic profile. Take the new light-catcher, running the length of the car it accentuates the width of DB9 and gives a planted look. The more pronounced boot 'flip' and large front grille give the New DB9 an assertive look from front and rear.

Muscular Yet

Defined by Detail

Beautifully proportioned from afar, the New DB9 delivers even more up close. Elegance extends into the smallest detail. With features designed with a finesse and craftsmanship, DB9 embodies the attention to detail Aston Martin is renowned for as the finest materials are meticulously crafted both inside and out.

More luxurious, more refined, more elegant - the New DB9 redefines luxury for a timeless Sports Grand Tourer. Stitched by hand, only the finest and most supple Bridge of Weir leather hides clothe the interior. With thousands of distinctive colour combinations available, each DB9 is luxuriously bespoke.


Attention to Detail

Our stitching is unique: unique in quality, shape and texture. The New DB9 features ‘race track’ stitching, inspired by the bends on a circuit. Different thread weight is used throughout the interior of DB9 with a heavier ‘10 gauge’ thread used to strong effect whilst the a thinner ‘20 gauge’ thread is more subtle and gives finer detail.

New for DB9 is a distinctive pinstripe welt. Produced in one continuous piece, so there are no unsightly joins, each welt requires a two metre-long run of leather to be cut and is then hand-stitched into place. Hand-made in custom facilities by specially trained craftsmen, meticulous levels of control and precision are required to achieve the perfect finish.

Authentic materials such as real glass control switches are used throughout the interior of the New DB9. This jewel-like glass switchgear, is polished and machined to be tactile and comfortable to touch.

Honesty &