Chassis, Dynamics and Suspension
A new mould of mastery
DBX707 comes with a suite of modifications that ensure its ceiling-shattering potential is not just handled, but fully exploited. Programmed ESP delivers greater freedom of expression. With added improvements, the newly calibrated electronic dampers and air springs tighten body control. Realising racetrack reactions and peaking more precision. And a shortened final drive for extra in-gear punch, places you at the epicentre of the car.
Gripping the crown
The remarkable clamping load of the rear e-differential grips every wheel tight to the tarmac. Fine-tuning the already incredibly fine-tailored traction calibration, so you can pinpoint different degrees of power. To all four wheels. At the same time. Concentrating the driver’s control without diluting the purity of the driving experience. Sports + mode still leaves you with room to drift in a way that challenges what you think an SUV can do.
Elevating performance with air suspension
DBX707 embodies a carefully tailored formula of triple chamber air suspension, electronic variable dampers and eARC anti-roll control. In GT mode, earth-smoothing, corner-straightening comfort. Finely tuned damper valves prevent squatting during Launch Control. With eARC offering stability through the body of the car. Even when scything around corners or attacking hairpins, DBX707 rolls 0.7 degrees. Less than a 2-door sportscar. An expectation-defying SUV.