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Aston Martin Racing is pleased to promote the arrive and drive services being offered for sale by our customers. Aston Martin Racing is not acting as a broker and cannot verify any of the details given. Any negotiations or questions should be directed at the team who is listed in the relevant arrive and drive document. This is a free service for Aston Martin Racing’s customers and we do not take any commission or payment. If you have any questions about this service or would like to add your team details please contact Andrew Williamson using the details on the right of this page.

Available Packages


The GT4 Challenge arrive and drive packages make it very easy for you to go racing. All you need to do is arrive with your helmet, racewear and racing licence. All packages include tuition and data analysis with an Aston Martin Racing driving instructor and test days are held on GT4 Challenge test days. This service is operated in conjunction with teams already running in the GT4 Challenge of Great Britain based on the following options:

Prospect test: 1 hour test session. £850 per person + VAT

Full test: 3 hour test session. £4,000 per person + VAT

Race Weekend: 3 hour test session, race day with qualifying, 100 minute race and 2 VIP hospitality passes with breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. £6,000 + VAT per person in a 3 driver car. £9,000 + VAT per person in a 2 driver car

Most teams will ask you to cover insurance excess at approximately a maximum of £7.5k excess per accident.

2) Partner and Customer Team Packages

• Stratton Motorsport

- GT4 Challenge of Great Britain


• Perfection Racing

- July 2013 - Aston Martin Festival
- Sep 2013 – 24h Barcelona
- Sep 2013 – 1000 km Silverstone
- Jan 2014 - 24h Dubai

• Veloso Motorsport

- GT4 European Championship
- Supercar European Series


• Craft Racing AMR

- Asian Le Mans
- MME 12 Hours Sepang
- Dubai 24 Hours
- Bathurst 12 Hours


- American Le Mans Series
- Grand-American
- Pirelli World Challenge


• Nexus Racing

- Malaysian Merdeka Endurance – Sepang 12 Hr
- Sepang 12 hour
- Malaysian Super Series


• Track Club

- AMOC GT4 Challenge
- MSA British Endurance Championship
- GT Cup
- Endurance events


• Generation AMR

- Aston Martin GT4 Challenge
- British GT
- European GT4
- Others on request


Arrive and drive packages can be tailored specifically to the race or series you want to compete in and can include running an Aston Martin Racing car that you own or running in a car owned by the team. Options include hospitality for entertaining guests as well as factory tours to engage with business partners and sponsors by leveraging an association with Aston Martin Racing.


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