Jul 20, 2018, 12:35 PM


The year 1995 was the most productive year in Aston Martin’s history up to that point, for the company had built and delivered over 700 new cars., with the vast majority being DB7 Coupes. With the DB7 in production, Aston Martin was able to take a fresh look at the way it operated in North America, its most important market after the Great Britain. The company launched its new DB7 Volante at Detroit in January 1996 to mark its rebirth in the United States, a market that it had all but abandoned by the 1990s because of the huge cost of securing America’s emissions certification, quite unjustified when Aston Martin sales there were minimal.

Shipments to the United States and Canada of the DB7 Volante and Coupe models began in June the same year and the 1000th DB7 – the Millennium model – was despatched to a customer in the USA that October.