A thrilling opportunity to spend a day behind the wheel of an Aston Martin.


Improve your driving skills with one-to-one instruction from our industry-leading driver coaches whilst exploring the impressive performance and dynamic handling capabilities of a high-performance car in the unique environment of Millbrook Proving Ground.


An exclusively driver-focussed event without spectators, participating guests will enjoy hospitality and lunch in the secluded Aston Martin Clubhouse.




  • Total of 4 hours drive time in one of our cars
  • Personal in car guidance with an Aston Martin instructor
  • Welcome and safety briefing
  • Vehicle dynamics overview
  • Hospitality provided in Aston Martin Clubhouse; including breakfast pastries and a hot plated lunch and refreshments throughout
  • Chauffeur from Millbrook train station
  • Gift bag




    UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground, MK45 2JQ





    April to October , Thursday or Friday Subject to availability

    Driving Elements


    Through the course of the day all participants will have a chance to explore the following driving elements, each with a different objective


    City Road


    Familiarise yourself with the vehicle and controls whilst your instructor assesses your driving position and hand/eye coordination. Demonstration of the low-speed manoeuvring abilities and the discipline of looking and planning ahead required for the upcoming activities of the day.





    A high-speed constant radius bowl enabling the car to be experienced at high speed for a prolonged period. Feel the stability of the vehicle at speed and how minute throttle and steering inputs affect the dynamics.



    Mile Straight


    A Mile long asphalt surface, perfect for experiencing the acceleration and high-speed braking capabilities of the vehicle. This is also a rare opportunity to complete a 100mph emergency stop and feel the incredible stability of the car.



    ABS/Traction Control


    A unique activity featuring a wet surface area with a chequer board of polished and rough surfaces to demonstrate ABS and traction control systems.



    Steering Pad


    An opportunity to safely experience understeer and oversteer within the confines of a specific wetted area. Discover the car’s traction aids both activated and deactivated and how it affects the handling experience.




    Handling Track


    A 1.4 km circuit with varying camber which demonstrates the dynamic capabilities and builds the rhythm and coordination necessary to get the feel of the car chassis, allowing the effortless smooth and rapid progress that is achievable.



    Hill Route


    A 6.5 km circuit replicating an alpine road environment with gradients up to 26% this will give you the chance to feel the chassis working as the car and driver flow smoothly around the exhilarating course. Put into practice all the disciplines and confidence learned throughout the day.


    Vehicle Options


    Subject to availability

    If you are attending with friends or a partner you can choose different vehicle models so you have the opportunity to drive each.


    Gift vouchers can be provided.