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Aston Martin Extended Service Contract has been specially designed to ensure that you get the most from your Aston Martin with minimum inconvenience during ownership. If your existing extended warranty is about to expire, or if you haven’t already got a contract in place, contact your official Aston Martin dealership to discuss the range of cover options available.


Provider: Aston Martin Lagonda of North America Inc.,11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036; Telephone 866-278-6661


Administrator: Aston Martin Extended Administration c/o Car Care North America, 903 NW 65th Street, Suite 300, Boca Raton, Florida 33487 Telephone 800 711 416


Florida Residents: Obligor/Provider is Wesco Insurance Company, 59 Maiden Lane, 43rd Floor, New York, NY 10038; Telephone 866-327-5818, License #01913, and the Administrator is Warrantech Automotive of Florida, Inc., P.O. Box 959, Bedford, TX 76095; Telephone 855-327-2007, LICENSE #60082.

Aston Martin Extended

Available in 12 or 24 months durations (for vehicles up to 12 years old)

Aston Martin Extended Service Contract provides comprehensive cover for the majority of licensed Aston Martin cars. Designed for those customers who want to continue to protect their car beyond Aston Martin factory warranty, it is only available through your official Aston Martin dealer. Aston Martin Extended Service Contract helps to protect your car and ensures all repairs are carried out to Aston Martin standards using the latest techniques and equipment.


Aston Martin Extended covers multiple components within the following areas of your car:


  • Engine Cooling System, including Radiator Core
  • Intercooler
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gearbox/Transmission
  • Clutch
  • Differential/Final Drive
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Fuel System
  • Electrics
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger
  • Casings


What is excluded from cover?


  • Paint Work
  • Bodywork and Soft Trim
  • Routine Service Items like Tyres, Brake Pads, and Brake Rotors
  • Parts requiring repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear


This list is for guidance only. For full details of coverage and exclusions, please read the full terms and conditions or for more information speak to your official Aston Martin dealership.


Aston Martin Extended Service Contract is not available for all models. Please check with your official Aston Martin Dealership for more information.


Claims costs are unlimited in value during the Aston Martin Extended Service Contract Period of Coverage up to an aggregate maximum of the Vehicle value at the time of Application for this Contract. For Contracts registered at the time of purchase of the Vehicle, the value of the Vehicle shall be the purchase price paid for the Vehicle. For all other Contracts, the Vehicle value shall be the value as defined by the relevant NADA guide.

Emergency Assistance (In regions applicable)

Aston Martin Emergency Assistance provides you with peace of mind in the unfortunate incidence of a breakdown or immobilisation of your vehicle.


In the event that roadside assistance is required while using the Vehicle, you should telephone the Aston Martin Emergency Assistance at 888-592-7866. You will need to provide the following information:


  • Your full name
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), printed on a decal on the driver’s side dashboard, this can be viewed from outside of the Vehicle by looking through the front windshield
  • The Vehicle location
  • Where You are calling from
  • The telephone number on which You can be contacted


You should remain with the Vehicle until assistance arrives.


All calls to Aston Martin Emergency Assistance may be recorded. This will assist us in confirming details of a call that may be incomplete or unclear.


For more details of the cover terms and conditions, read your Aston Martin Emergency Assistance documentation.


Services are provided by and/or through Aston Martin Emergency Assistance, c/o Cross Country Motor Club Inc., Medford, MA 02155, except in California and Wyoming where services are provided by and/or through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.


When it comes to renewing an Extended Service Contract, we will contact you in advance of your renewal date with details of what to do. If you've not heard from us when you were expecting to, you can of course contact your official Aston Martin Dealer to renew your product directly with the dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Extended service contract?

If your existing warranty contract is about to expire you can choose to purchase an Extended service contract on your vehicle. With an Aston Martin Extended service contract, you’ll get 12 or 24 month cover against the costs of repairing or replacing failed components on your vehicle. If you don’t currently have a Limited Warranty or Extended service contract you can still choose to purchase one, you will need to contact your local Official Aston Martin dealership to arrange for a pre-coverage vehicle inspection to be carried out by our technicians. For more details on what’s covered, please refer to the Aston Martin Extended brochure.

What is covered by Aston Martin Extended service contract?

For full details of coverage, please read the full document terms and conditions or for more information speak to your official Aston Martin dealership.

Who are Extended service contracts designed for?

You can purchase a warranty at any time*. Extended service contract cover is designed for any Aston Martin owner whose manufacturer warranty or Limited Warranty is about to expire or has expired.

How can I buy Extended service contract?

You can purchase an Extended service contract by contacting your official Aston Martin Dealer.


Please read the following notes carefully:


1. The Extended Service Contract shall not become effective unless and until:

a) The Aston Martin Multipoint Inspection Certificate has been completed and the Application has been received by Aston Martin, and

b) Any payment due has been received by the Administrator.

2. The Application must be:

a) Completed by both You and the Dealer making the application on Your behalf and

b) Received by the Administrator

When can I renew my Extended service contract cover?

You can renew your Extended service contract at any point during your vehicle ownership by contacting your official Aston Martin Dealer. You will be required to pay for a vehicle inspection before the Extended service contract can be applied to your vehicle.

How long is an Extended service contract Warranty?

Aston Martin Extended is available in 12 or 24 month durations for vehicles up to 12 years old.

How do I make a claim?

Claiming is simple; just contact your chosen official Aston Martin dealer who will be able to handle the claim on your behalf.

How do I change any of my details?

To make changes to your Aston Martin Extended service contract cover please contact your official Aston Martin Dealer.

How do I cancel my Extended Warranty cover?

To cancel this Contract the Holder should contact the selling Aston Martin Franchised Dealer. The Dealer will assist with the cancellation request and verify the mileage of the covered Vehicle. If additional assistance is required, call or write the Administrator. Please read the warranty document for full terms and conditions.

How do I request a copy of my confirmation of cover?

To request a copy of your confirmation of cover, please contact your official Aston Martin Dealer.

How do I find out when my Manufacturer warranty expires?

Manufacturer warranties end on the anniversary of the third year from the date of original registration. If you've bought a new Aston Martin, we will write to you before your warranty expires and invite you to buy an Extended service contract.

Can I transfer ownership of the Extended service contract?

Yes*, should you sell your car to Private Sale you are able to transfer your Aston Martin Extended service contract by completing the “Request for Transfer” form in your Customer Document. This Contract cannot be transferred if the title transfer of the Vehicle passes through a person other than the subsequent buyer or if the Vehicle is sold or traded to a dealership, leasing agency or entity or individual in the business of buying or selling vehicles.

How to Make a Complaint

We hope that you will be pleased with your Aston Martin Extended service contract. In the unlikely event of a complaint, you should contact the administrator by writing to: Aston Martin Extended Administration c/o Car Care North America, 903 NW 65th Street, Suite 300, Boca Raton, Florida 33487 Telephone 800 711 4416

*subject to terms and conditions


To find out more and to purchase an Extended Service Contract for your vehicle, contact your official Aston Martin Dealer. Complete the enquiry form and a member of our customer team will be in touch shortly.

Please include your country code (e.g. +44)

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