An Iconic Finale: The Fastest And Fiercest V12 Ever

In conventional style, we have been known to leave the scene with a roar. But there is nothing conventional about V12 Vantage, which makes its departure with not just a roar, but with an almighty howl. An exquisite attack on the senses from its 700PS V12 motor, this is the most powerful 12-cylinder engine that has ever and will ever be fitted into a Vantage. Redefined and re-engineered in every area including its design, aerodynamics, chassis and brakes to match the standards of this extraordinary engine. This is the ultimate V12 Vantage, a parting shot unique in its potency, presence and exhilaration.


Taking Vantage To The Max

It was always the intention that this V12 Vantage should be the ultimate expression of our iconic bloodline, a car that pushes the boundaries to its absolute limit. Fiercer than ever, a true work of engineering art, V12 Vantage is the ultimate expression of performance, adapted to harness the most potent of V12 engines. This Vantage is the most powerful and most dynamically capable V12 Vantage ever. It is the supreme expression of this form, taken to the absolute maximum in every area to provide a fitting and unforgettable farewell to an Aston Martin icon.

A Heart With 12-Cylinders

Vantage has been fitted with both turbocharged engines and V12 engines before, but never a turbocharged V12 engine. Until now. Creating 700PS, 200mph of top speed, reaching 0-60mph in just 3.4 seconds.


Such numbers only reveal part of the story. These are matched with the highest levels of driving dynamics, outrageous performance, and colossal levels of torque all the way from 1800rpm to 5,500rpm. It is an epic celebration of Aston Martin’s power and performance beyond that of any Vantage in history, with a soundtrack to stir your soul.

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Dynamically Enriched Transmission

The eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox has been tuned specifically for V12 Vantage. Employing bespoke software to ensure fast and dynamic gear shifting, coupled with refinement and usability beyond which is possible with a conventional double clutch transmission. It is constantly learning both about the road conditions and how it is being driven to ensure V12 Vantage is always in the right gear, and ready to deliver exhilarating performance.


Exploiting The Air

From the moment it enters the front grille, until the instant it is expelled from the newly designed rear wing, V12 Vantage curves and bends the air to its requirements. Whether it is providing additional cooling air to the engine, to the carbon ceramic brakes or ensuring over 200kg of downforce is available at top speed for unquestioning stability. The entire aerodynamic profile of V12 Vantage has been sculpted exclusively to meet its performance capabilities.


The Most Finely Honed Handling

With driving dynamics like no other, V12 Vantage is no less capable around corners. It comes with a wider track, stiffer springs front and rear, re-rated anti-roll bars and new adaptive dampers. These combine to provide precise control at the apex of a fast turn, whilst also delivering effortless comfort and ride quality over longer distances. A unique steering calibration that improves feel and response means V12 Vantage provides driver feedback, that truly connects the car and the driver, essential for maximising the enjoyment of any journey.

Dynamics: The Strength Within

A car is only as good as the structure that supports it, and the more dynamic the car, the more structurally rigid it needs to be. Which is why V12 Vantage has been re-engineered right to its very core. New shear panels have been added to the front and rear, the fuel tank has been braced and includes a strut brace between the rear suspension towers which is clearly visible in the luggage compartment. V12 Vantage is created on the stiffest, most structurally sound Vantage platform to date.


Stopping Power To Match Performance

With such immense performance, no less attention could be paid to the ability to shed speed as to gain it. To this end, not only is it fitted with carbon ceramic discs as standard, with six piston callipers at the front, at 410mm in diameter, they are in fact the largest ever fitted to a Vantage. These discs not only offer immense stopping power, but are so resistant to fade even in the most extreme use cases, that they remain effective even with disc temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius. Fitting carbon ceramic brakes also offers a significant 23kg reduction in un-sprung mass, further improving the ride, handling and steering response.


The Beauty Of The Beast

Going Out In Style

A striking, uncompromised aesthetic has been crafted for V12 Vantage: wider, more muscular and honed with dramatic aerodynamic features. Wherever you look, you can see sculptural work ensuring V12 Vantage makes a promise that is absolutely worthy of the performance potential of the sports car beneath. The wider track and new front splitter visually lower the car, whilst the horseshoe bonnet vent and new side sills speak of its incredible power. But it is perhaps the rear of the car that is the most arresting with its central exhausts, new diffuser and downforce enhancing rear wing. With extensive use of carbon fiber throughout, its uncompromised form and function are indivisible, and work in harmony to create a car of unforgettable presence, purpose and beauty.

Forged Aluminium 21-Inch Wheels

Two unique styles of forged aluminium 21-inch wheels have been designed for V12 Vantage. A Y-shaped designed wheel is available as standard in satin black with an option to diamond turn. Alternatively, an optional 21-inch Lightweight Wheel in satin black is offered for those wishing to exploit the handling of V12 Vantage to its maximum.

Diffuser Vent

The reshaped, more accentuated rear diffuser works in conjunction with the rear wing and careful shaping of the floor of the car to physically ground the car to the road’s surface. As speed increases, it ensures aerodynamic balance is maintained, delivering high speed stability and the ultimate performance.


Take Your Seat And Prepare For Action

The interior of V12 Vantage has been subtly, but unmistakeably refined to provide a unique place from which to command this incredible machine. The standard lightweight Sports Plus Seat is trimmed in exquisite semi-aniline leather with the iconic Aston Martin wings stitched into the headrest. Those who want to go further still, both in look and weight-reduction can choose our motorsport-inspired, ultra-light, carbon fibre high performance seat with six-way manual adjustment and exposed carbon fibre twill shell.

And then there are details, such as the unique sill plaques, a permanent reminder that yours is one of only 333 such cars that will ever be built, and the chrome V12 logo beneath the start/stop button, to speak of the power and heritage of this acclaimed and coveted line of Aston Martins.


Carbon Fibre Seats

Offered as standard the halo Sports Plus Seat, trimmed in full semi-aniline leather is found in the cockpit of V12 Vantage. For ultimate command a new lightweight, patented carbon fibre performance seat with exposed twill carbon fibre can also be selected saving a further 7.3kg without compromising comfort.

Open Rear Load Space

Even when you open the tailgate, everyone can see just how special your V12 Vantage really is. Spanning the width of the open load area between the suspension towers is a strut brace unique to this car, showing how the chassis has been stiffened specifically to meet the demands of its vast performance potential.


A Rich And Noble Heritage

Aston Martin’s history with the V12 engine dates back to 1954 when it used a 4.5-litre V12 engine in the DP115 prototype racing car. Delivering over 300bhp even then, with further development it could have been a world beater. In the event it would be over half a century before a V12 was once again found beneath the bonnet of a two seat Aston Martin sports car.

2007 saw the stunning RS concept fitted with a V12 from the DBRS9 GT3 racing car delivering around 550bhp. The car was an immediate and universal success, resulting in the first V12 Vantage reaching production just two years later. With 510bhp and a 190mph top speed, it provided a new level of performance and excitement for discerning Aston Martin customers. Little more than two months after its launch the V12 Vantage won its class at the fearsome Nurburgring 24 Hours race.


It was perhaps inevitable that a fully race-honed version should result, and in 2012 the V12 Vantage GT3 made its debut. Its career would last seven seasons and in the UK alone would net four British GT Championships.


The following year the substantially uprated V12 Vantage S coupe and roadster were announced with the engine now with 565bhp, making it the fastest series production Aston Martin up until that time. This was followed by a series of ultra-exclusive limited edition cars, including the GT3-inspired 100-off Vantage GT12 of 2015 and the similarly exclusive V12 Vantage AMR of 2017. The most recent V12 Vantage until now was the 2018 V600 coupe and roadster which combined the 600bhp engine of the GT12 with the seven speed manual gearbox available in the V12 Vantage S. Just seven in each body style was built.