Pulses were set racing at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed. A weekend draped in dynasty, where Aston Martin celebrated 110 years of heart-stealing automotive excellence. Showcasing some of the most chiselled and powerful cars to ever roar on four wheels. Including a historic first-ever appearance of all three Aston Martin Valkyrie models together.

The main event with a sumptuous set of headliners

Icons take on an icon. The Goodwood Hill Climb has been a constant ever since the festival’s inception. An undulating test of skills and strength, stretching 1.16 miles and standing as one of motor racing's most challenging courses.

Roaring up the Hill Climb this year were seven Aston Martin models. A can’t-believe-your-eyes appearance from Valkyrie Coupe, the global dynamic debut of Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider, and the ultimate no-rules hyper car Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro. Seen for the first time as a proud trio.

Aston Martin DB12, the world’s first super tourer, joined the Aston Martin Valkyrie trio. Revealing its reformed and re-sculpted shape. And showing the next stage of an icon. Next, and stealing hearts was the DBS 770 Ultimate. The most powerful production Aston Martin to date. Crushing the Hill Climb with a powerful iteration of Aston Martin’s quad-cam 60-deg 5.2-litre V12 engine. Modelling its ferocious performance for fans. And stamping a final farewell to Aston Martin’s Super GT flagship.

The V12 Vantage also tackled the climb. The fastest and fiercest Vantage ever. Delivering 0-62mph in just 3.5 sec and a top speed of 200mph. It marks a ferocious finale for an iconic bloodline with unmatched performance and dynamics.

And making it a sumptuous seven. The Vantage F1® Edition. Cut in the shape of the Official Safety Car of Formula 1®. The most track-focused Vantage to date. Duetting unique chassis and aerodynamic learnings from the development of the Official FIA F1® Safety Car and delivering them for the road.

Triple threat

For the first time. Three gravity-defying Aston Martin Valkyries made an appearance together. The game-changing Aston Martin Valkyrie Coupe, dreamt up with F1® dynamics and 1140BHP of power. The Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider bred with the unbeatable sensory stimulus that comes with the addition of the removable roof panel . And the ultimate no-rules hyper car, Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro. A heart-stopping accelerated step forward and an unapologetic leap for the bloodline. Stood proudly as the fastest open top Aston Martin to date.


A dynamic debut for DB12

We introduced Goodwood to the world’s first super tourer. Aston Martin DB12 made its UK dynamic debut after launching at the Cannes Film Festival this year. It’s the latest car in the iconic DB bloodline, finessed and fine-tuned to bear 75 years of heritage in a car that is no mere GT.

A piece of the past tailored for tomorrow.

Goodwood was introduced to Aston Martin Valour. Inspired by the heart-breaking designs of legendary Aston Martin race cars of the 70s. And furiously and meticulously intertwining their DNA with the sculpted carbon body of tomorrow. While daringly combining a 5.2-litre V12 engine with a bespoke six-speed manual transmission for the very first time in an Aston Martin. Adoring eyes and hearts fell for the limited-edition model. With only 110 made. Each representing the years Aston Martin has hand-honed the beautiful predecessors to Valour.