Extended Warranty & Extended service contract

Protect your investment

Since our foundation in 1913 we have built just over 70,000 cars and around 90% of those are still in existence today. Our cars are handcrafted and offer you the opportunity to make them truly bespoke, so we’re sure you would want to protect them for future generations to enjoy.

Available exclusively from an official Aston Martin Dealer, our coverage differs slightly across the world but all ensure you have complete peace of mind. You can be confident in the knowledge that your Aston Martin will be repaired at an official Dealership by specially trained technicians using genuine Aston Martin parts.

Main Benefits

  • Increased peace of mind.
  • Available for all Aston Martin cars.
  • 12 or 24 month cover options to suit your own requirements.
  • Easily renewed when existing cover comes to a conclusion.
  • All repair work is undertaken by Aston Martin trained technicians, using genuine Aston Martin parts ensuring your car receives the best care.
  • Covers use at official Aston Martin organised events.
  • Aston Martin Emergency Assistance included.
  • Simple and straightforward claims process handled by official Aston Martin Dealers.
  • Transferrable, which enhances the resale value of your Aston Martin.

Extended Warranty Cover

Aston Martin Extended Warranties offer different levels of cover dependent upon the model of your car and its age at the start of cover.


  • High level cover for cars aged up to 15 years old.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Unlimited total claim value (up to the value of your car).
  • Includes infotainment system cover.
  • Includes additional £2,000 MOT test failure cover.


  • Cover for Classic Aston Martin and Lagonda cars aged over 15 years old.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Unlimited total claim value (up to the value of your car).
  • Maximum single claim limit of £10,000.

One-77 & Other limited Models

  • Bespoke cover specifically for Aston Martin One-77 and Taraf models.
  • Available for cars aged up to 10 years with less than 50,000 kilometres travelled.
  • 12 month duration only.
  • Maximum total claim value of £50,000.