Jul 19, 2018, 18:13 PM


“All the DB series have been Grand Tourers in their respective way,” enthused Motor magazine, “but the DB6 is a Very Grand Tourer.”

Obviously derived from the DB5, the DB6 launched in October 1965 was built on a longer wheelbase with a slightly higher roofline, giving extra head and leg room in both front and rear seats. That, remarked Motor, “makes an Aston Martin available to the far wider four-seater market, and the new design is superior in every way to the previous model.”

Main external difference was the ‘sawn-off’ Kammeffect tail with its prominent lip spoiler that wind-tunnel tests had shown to give a significant – over 30 per cent – reduction in lift at the rear wheels. A more subtle difference was the end of the ‘Superleggera’ construction, apart from a small area around the radiator intake; in any case, Touring of Milan ceased business in 1967, and the supply of ‘Superleggera’ badges naturally dried up.