Jul 20, 2018, 12:33 PM


Convinced that Aston Martin needed to expand its appeal with a more accessible superlatively sophisticated but user-friendly sports car, new Chairman Walter Hayes presented his vision to the Ford Board in March 1991. The availability of the former JaguarSport factory at Bloxham, Oxfordshire as a production base and the Jaguar six-cylinder engine block as a foundation around which a unique twin cam supercharged Aston Martin power unit could be built, made the project viable.

With Sir David Brown’s blessing to use the magic ‘DB’ initials, Hayes inspired designer Ian Callum to create a thoroughly modern car that represented what the DB6 would have looked like if David Brown had been doing it now.

‘Project NPX’ – the new DB7 – was unveiled at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show to universal acclaim, and went into production at Bloxham in June 1994. Not only had the 3.4-litre DB7 undergone a rigorous test programme taking full advantage of new owner Ford’s international proving grounds, but triple Formula One Champion Jackie Stewart had been called in to fine tune the new Aston Martin’s handling characteristics.