DBX707. The supercar of SUVs. Possessed of power, speed and acceleration worthy of an Aston Martin sports car. Can power and speed be safe? Ask a Formula One driver. Safety is always the number one priority.


In DBX707, blistering performance is matched by class-leading dynamics, teeming with safety features. Features that make DBX707 one of the safest luxury SUVs, as well as one of the most powerful.


Engineered for control, as well as for performance

DBX707 engineer, Andy Tokley, provides further insight into the engineering behind DBX707. Performance that excites and delivers 0-62 in 3.3 seconds must be accompanied by control. So power is accessible by all drivers. So they have the confidence to use it.


Luxury and performance, with safety, without compromise

DBX707 is a luxury SUV without compromise. Created, by going further than the competition. Past ferocious performance, to a whole new depth of dynamism. In doing so, we surfaced superior safety features grouped in three types: dynamic, convenience, and passive.


A unique chassis, for greater dynamics, and greater safety

Dynamic safety. We started with a blank piece of paper, forging a unique chassis, enabling greater poise, greater precision, and greater control. Almost near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, unheard of in vehicles this size.


A 707ps, 900Nm engine placed well within its elegant wheelbase. Creating natural balance, from the chassis up.


No compromise. No platform shared with other SUVs. A chassis selfishly crafted specifically for DBX707. For speed, power and safety. For dual purpose – ferociousness and family.


Dynamically balanced, but also solid and robust. An expertly-engineered base around which armies of safety features swarm.


Racing-grade safety features, for a racing-grade SUV

Safety worthy of the FIA medical car in Formula 1. As standard. Each feature empowering DBX707 to be supercar and super safe, with:


• The largest carbon ceramic brakes ever fitted to an Aston Martin. Solid and confident, even after spirited driving. 33kg lighter, for more precise, predictable steering


• Electric anti-roll control. For the class-leading cornering and steering response you need. For maintaining the luxurious ride comfort you want


• Continuously variable dampers. More response and control, for safety at speeds. A luxurious ride quality for sublime yet agile cruising


• Tuned and revised suspension, for dynamic capabilities, such as pitch and roll control, that deliver precise, safe handling unseen in other SUVs


Air suspension offering ride height control, practicality, and safety. Lower DBX707 to help family members get in and out. Or DBX707 raises up, for better ground clearance off-road, and down, for better aerodynamics and safer handling at high speeds


• All the dynamic safety systems you’d expect from a family vehicle. Electronic stability control, featuring traction control. For enhanced, safe handling near the limits, and for greater convenience, with features such as descent control, hill hold, and trailer stability control


Long wheelbase, with tires at every corner. Super stable. Super safe, and easy to get into. No wheel arches impeding back doors. A luxury family SUV with the space families need


• Active all-wheel drive, providing new levels of performance, dynamics and safety. Maximum traction, at high speeds, and in adverse weather conditions


Park assist, to keep you and your DBX707 bodywork safe, when speeds are slow, and parking spaces at the club, tight


All season tyres, providing more safety, across a wider range of temperatures, from the scorching heat of Palm Springs to the snow and ice of Aspen

Passive safety as standard. Always there to protect you

All the passive safety systems you’d expect from a luxury SUV, from airbags, to ABS and ADAS. An advanced active driver assistance system, including forward and rear radar sensors, forward-facing cameras, and ultrasonic sensors.


Soft close locks. Rear seats fitted with ISOFIX. Tie down rings in the loadspace, keeping everything locked down and safe.


DBX707. Looking after all of you. All the time. Removing distractions. Removing stress. Leaving you unhindered, free and safe to indulge in the performance, luxury and dynamics of the world’s most powerful SUV.