The Aston Martin Vantage FIA Safety Car and DBX707 FIA Medical Car in Formula 1®


Roaring to first place in the record books

In the adrenaline-fuelled, chicane-cutting and hairpin-carving world of Formula 1®, safety is number one. Bearing the responsibility of managing every line of the track while being bred with the sharpest reaction speeds to deliver life-saving medical equipment and skill, are the FIA Safety Car and FIA medical car. And for the first time in the history of the sport both the Official FIA Safety and Medical cars of Formula 1® were adorned with the iconic wings of Aston Martin. In the heart-purring shape of the Aston Martin Vantage F1® Edition, a safety sports car and the DBX707 FIA Medical Car, a luxury SUV .


Racing heritage redefined

We roared into our first role as a Formula 1® safety aid with the iconic luxury sports car, Aston Martin Vantage F1® Edition. A natural showman. Bred to race and contorting expectations with an air-bending top speed of 195mph. Repurposed for the high-pressure role of the official safety car of Formula 1®. Threaded with the confidence to lead the pack. When it’s needed most.


Woven with race control

Not merely born for beauty. The Vantage FIA Safety Car ensures the safety of drivers and track personnel. The interiors come lined with intelligence. Real-time communication systems, live telemetry, and GPS tracking allow race officials to gather vital information and make informed decisions promptly. Gifting efficiency and effectiveness and inspiring smoother-than-smooth races.

The moments that made a marvel

The Canadian Grand Prix celebrated 50 life-saving years of the FIA Safety Car. And in the recent years, the Vantage FIA Safety Car has celebrated playing a pivotal role in some remarkable moments in Formula 1® history. Sportscar handling and purity of performance maintain control in the toughest conditions. Earning accolades from drivers and fans alike.


An SUV with the soul of a sports car and the heart of a medic



Then came Aston Martin’s lap as the Formula 1® FIA Medical Car. With a top speed of 193mph. Clocking 0-62mph in less than a supercar. Torching the road with 697bhp. DBX707 was born for this role. Obsessively honed for rapid medical response, in the most crucial moments. While taking the luxury SUV segment to a whole new depth of dynamism.


Every ounce doused in support


Racing grade reactions in any emergency. The DBX707 FIA Medical Car ensures that medical aid can be administered rapidly and efficiently. Armed with advanced life-support equipment, including defibrillators, trauma packs, and specialised emergency medications. Each tool, matched by the very best medical personnel, offers immediate help in critical situations.

First to the action and first to the podium

Set with the best handling in its class. The DBX707 FIA Medical Car can navigate any circuit efficiently. Delivering crucial medical assistance precisely when it’s needed. And devouring the road in comfort. The ultra-luxury SUV's advanced suspension and braking systems also contribute to a smooth and stable ride.


Purposely made to meet any purpose



While the Aston Martin DBX707 FIA Medical Car primarily serves as a rapid response vehicle, it also plays an essential secondary role. During practice sessions and qualifying rounds, the DBX707 FIA Medical Car is often used to transport personnel, equipment, and even VIP guests around the circuit.


A future ferociously fed with safety


Sculpted as the world’s first luxury SUV. But remoulded to bear Formula 1®’s commitment to safety. And styled as a symbol of reassurance to participants.

The DBX707 FIA Medical Car stands ready to provide vital assistance whenever required. And will remain a steadfast presence, ensuring the well-being of drivers and upholding the highest standards of medical care on the racetrack.