May 27, 2019, 00:00 AM

Grand Opening of Aston Martin Kobe, an Authorized Aston Martin Japan Dealer

  • A dealership based on Aston Martin’s latest CI design has opened in a former foreign settlement district, an area in Kobe with long historical ties with the U.K.
  • Opening reception was held on May 25, a day before the grand opening on May 26.
May 25, 2019; Kobe, Japan
The seventh authorized Aston Martin dealer in Japan has opened in Kobe, a city with long historical ties with the U.K. Situated in the former foreign settlement district featuring beautiful western homes, the dealership is beautifully designed according to Aston Martin’s latest CI suitable for its surroundings.
The Aston Martin Kobe Grand Opening Reception was held on May 25 to commemorate the grand opening on May 26. The gorgeous reception was celebrated by a limited number of guests invited to the occasion. The guests were welcomed by bagpipe performers who had once performed for Prince Charles, kicking off the reception with a historically British flair. The latest DBS Superleggera was put on display at the reception site, Aston Martin Kobe.
Patrik Nilsson, Regional President of Aston Martin Lagonda Limited, commented, “We are extremely honored to open a new dealership in this international and beautiful city of Kobe, which has ties with the U.K. Aston Martin is recognized worldwide as a heritage brand with a long history. Since its inception in 1913, Aston Martin has focused on performance, craftsmanship, and, above all, on creating cars with unparalleled beauty. As part of the Second Century Plan that is currently under way, we plan to launch the DBX this year, followed by a series of new models. This is a joyous period for Aston Martin, and we are extremely pleased to expand our business in Kobe with our trusted partner Hakko LR. We would like to thank Mr. Ikeda, President, Mr. Ikeda, Managing Director, along with the entire team for their passion.”
Kohachi Ikeda, Managing Director of Hakko Car Group, comments, “Aston Martin Kobe will serve as a satellite showroom for Aston Martin Osaka. Last year, Aston Martin Osaka was awarded the “Dealer of the Year” in Japan. We are committed to providing the same level of service at Aston Martin Kobe. The city of Kobe also has long historical ties with the U.K., and features a foreign settlement district. We are extremely happy to open a dealership in this district in the historical year of Reiwa 1. We would be pleased to have our customers enjoy Aston Martins, the most beautiful cars in the world, in this beautifully designed dealership in the beautiful city of Kobe.”
The opening reception featured flower objects on the British flag, enhancing the British ambiance from the start to the end for the guests.
As the seventh authorized dealer showroom in Japan after Aston Martin Yokohama, which opened in April, Aston Martin Kobe will launch official dealer services on May 26. Aftersales will be provided by the existing service shop at Aston Martin Osaka.