Jul 19, 2018, 18:04 PM


Virtually identical in appearance to the Series 5 DB4, the DB5 was the first road-going Aston Martin to have the 4-litre version of Tadek Marek’s twin-cam straight-six engine first seen in the Lagonda Rapide and the DP215 racing car. In this case, triple SU carburettors were fitted, delivering a power output of a claimed 282 bhp.

Conscious of the enhanced performance – the DB5 was capable of some 150 mph – the DB5 handbook sounded a note of caution in Jeeves-like tones: “It is respectfully suggested that the car be driven with extra care until the owner has become thoroughly attuned to its high level of performance … When the response of the car has been measured, it will be proved that the car behaves impeccably and safely.”

Motor magazine declared: “We can confirm the makers’ implication that the DB5 is an acquired taste, perhaps even disappointing at first to some people, but once savoured to the full, never forgotten and almost impossible to replace.”

The DB5 was notably well-equipped. ”Only an aeroplane could have a facia panel more liberally spattered with switches and instruments,” commented Motor.