Aston Martin has won the King’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category, for an exciting new approach to car interiors. Awarded by His Majesty the King, it recognises Aston Martin’s patented and innovative perforating and quilting technique that produces decorative finishes and promotes the cooling function on its ultra-luxury leather seats.


The award, previously known as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, recognises UK businesses who have achieved outstanding innovations in their field. Aston Martin accepted the award on 7 May 2024 with a royal reception held for all recipients in the summer. Learn more below about Aston Martin’s award-winning innovation and commitment to ultra-luxury car manufacturing.

Recognising British Innovation and Technology for Aston Martin

Companies receive a King’s Award for Enterprise for their commitment to new and exciting technology. Aston Martin has been awarded in the innovation category. The British marque’s unique approach to creating bespoke leather interiors combines expert handcraft with the latest technology, resulting in a truly innovative perforating and quilting technique for its ultra-luxury leather seats.


Aston Martin’s proprietary manufacturing technology uses perforated holes to create decorative patterns in the cars’ interiors that also support the cooling function within the seats. Customers also have the opportunity to request bespoke patterns to create a unique decorative finish - a previously impossible feat – thanks to the Q by Aston Martin service.


Q by Aston Martin revolutionises car configuration, allowing customers to express their individuality, and create their dream Aston Martin by personalising the colour, trim, material and finish. Explore dynamic wheel finishes, carbon fibre tinting, tailored woven leathers and painted interior graphics, or take a journey to a new world with Q Commission. Reserved for the most ambitious customers, Q Commission opens your eyes to what it means to be a bespoke sports car or luxury SUV. Working with a dedicated team of designers and engineers, you can design and realise your perfect Aston Martin.


All of this would not be possible without a state-of-the-art manufacturing centre. In 2003, Aston Martin moved their global headquarters to Gaydon. The first purpose-built facility, Gaydon combines cutting-edge technology with expert craftsmanship and traditional techniques. An infrastructure exquisitely designed for innovation, creativity and advanced engineering. Gaydon has enabled Aston Martin to integrate its design capability with engineering and production processes.

The Honour of the King’s Award

The exquisite craftsmanship and bespoke service that Aston Martin offers has earned the company three King’s Award for Enterprise awards since 1998. The previous two wins were under the award’s former title - the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This latest award is the first time that Aston Martin has won in the innovation category, by demonstrating innovative technology that has taken years of expertise to create.


Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin said: “As a company with a commitment to innovation, we are incredibly proud to be recognised with this King’s Award for Enterprise, which celebrates both the ingenuity of our craftspeople and the quality of Aston Martin’s bespoke interiors. This award recognises the unique composition of our ultra-luxury interiors and how our manufacturing team have gone to extra lengths to ensure the highest level of personalisation is offered to our customers, whilst not compromising on our seat technology’s core functionality.”

Paving The Way: The Future Of Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s rich 111-year history tells the tale of the company’s unstoppable quest for profound gratification. A desire to capture the spirit of the driving experience and create a pure connection between driver and car. Three King’s Award for Enterprise awards demonstrates this commitment to retain the position of the UK’s best ultra-luxury car manufacturer.


Creating cars that are not just masterpieces of design and engineering, but an intrinsic part of culture, Aston Martin is paving the way to a new era of British luxury. By continuing to strive for innovation, more success stories lie ahead.