Jul 19, 2018, 11:16 AM


Built on the chassis of a crashed racing Aston Martin, this boat-tail three seater was first owned by trials driver A.G. Gripper, who competed in a multitude of national and international events in many makes. In 1933 his wife – also a keen rally driver – partnered Lionel Martin’s wife Kate in the Monte Carlo Rally driving a Hillman.

2No car I have ever owned (I think 35 cars in all) holds the road so well at any speed,” enthused Archie Gripper of his beloved Aston Martin. “Steering is perfection, and the balance of the whole car is so good that sharp bends can be taken at speeds impossible on average cars. Even now, after 7700 miles running, my car will do just under 70 at Brooklands.”

Gripper’s enthusiasm was echoed by others of the select few fortunate (and wealthy) enough to own Bamford & Martin Aston Martins: “The further I drive it, the better I like it,” wrote one A. A. Pollard of his 1924 B &M Aston Martin. “With regard to service, the makers are extremely obliging… and seem to take a personal interest in every owner and his car.” An Aston Martin tradition was born.