Jul 25, 2018, 18:59 PM


As the marque’s first production four-door sports car, Rapide encapsulated core values of Power, Beauty and Soul; four ‘swan wing’ doors provided access to cosseting sports seats both front and rear bestowing occupants with ample accommodation. A 317-litre luggage compartment afforded generous space for belongings for all four passengers whether they be sports bags or indeed, sets of skis, creating an Aston Martin which can be enjoyed on any occasion, anytime, anywhere.

Rapide’s rear environment had been intelligently packaged to create a space where passengers feel a part of the driving experience with clear views to the front and sides. Comfort and support was supplied in the form of two hand trimmed individual seats and a personal face-level heating and air conditioning system. Aiding the practicalities of everyday use, the luggage compartment featured a movable bulkhead to permit access from the rear cabin while the rear seats folded flat at the touch of a button to create a flat loading space increasing the luggage compartment from 317 litres to 886 litres.