Adding more firsts to our repertoire

A trip to new terrain. For our first visit to Las Vegas, for the city’s first F1® race in 41 years, we bring our boundary-breaking habits with us. Unleashing the world’s first luxury SUV with over 700PS to the desert and track: DBX707. And exhibiting the world’s first super tourer: DB12.


But before we left the table, we had another first to fire into the Vegas sky. Partnering with  FORMULA 1 HEINEKEN SILVER LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX, we became the first ultra-luxury car manufacturer to appear on the world's largest spherical structure. A British icon beaming from a 268 million pixel canvas, visible from space. Illuminating the night and firing AMR23 onto a podium. Our commitment to driving purity placed on the world’s highest resolution LED screen.

Taking our message global like no one else has before. We let our famous wings fly across 160,000 square feet of the latest iconic landmark in the Vegas skyline. Before introducing the Scarab Beetle - the inspiration from which the Aston Martin winged logo was born in the 1930s and representing new beginnings.


And for your own voyage in Vegas, add a racing touch to your dream Aston Martin. A new Las Vegas environment has been introduced to our online configurator. Personalise a model of your choice alongside the official medical car of Formula One®, DBX707 and the official safety car of Formula One®, Vantage.