Pebble Beach. Home to what’s arguably the world’s most prestigious classic car show: The Concours d’Elegance. 2023’s event took place on the weekend 18th-20th of August. The 72nd since the very first in 1950.


That year, the gorgeous Aston Martin DB2 Saloon entered production. Three of the first were prepared for the ’24 Hours of Le Mans’. Fast, fast forward to 2023. Aston Martin’s racing pedigree accelerates onwards. All eyes are on the forthcoming Aston Martin Valhalla, and the tantalising opportunity to experience it virtually. 


Aston Martin Valhalla

Mastery driven in every millimetre of motion. A supercar like no other. The pinnacle of driver engagement. Valhalla is our first hybrid supercar. Powered by a 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 pumping out 812PS. Three further e-motors, adding another 200PS, delivering a combined total of 1012PS.


An audacious vehicle forged in Formula 1®. Built for the track. For drivers to unleash on the road. Before then, a mouth watering taste of the ferociousness to come.


Immersed in the detail of Valhalla’s digital twin 

A world’s first. Aston Martin, the first automotive brand to deploy a VR experience using CloudXR technology. In partnership with ZeroLight and Nvidia. To stream virtual reality content rendered in the cloud, to a wireless headset. Unincumbered freedom of movement. An unforgettable sensorial experience.


An opportunity. An invitation. For Aston Martin Club 1913 guests to immerse themselves in Valhalla’s interior and exterior. 

Pole position 

To sit in the virtual driving seat. Hip as low as heel, emulating Formula 1® cars. To view the intense details of Valhalla’s digital twin in an immersive 3D world. Experience the kind of spatial immersion usually reserved for Aston Martin’s designers.


First, a guided tour from different camera angles. Then, a chance to explore and interact. Opening and closing the dramatic dihedral doors. A head-turning experience where guests can turn their heads all around. To peer in the digital rear-view mirror. Examine every feature of Valhalla’s driver-centred, driver-centric cabin. From the driver’s seat. From pole position. To experience the feeling of floating closer to the ground. Of perfect alignment. Of outrageous speed, inferred. From Valhalla’s Formula 1® inspired cockpit.  


Nothing else comes close  

Guests could also step outside Valhalla and choose to view its exterior in two virtual settings – a studio environment and Bixby Bridge, on the Californian coast.


Two settings from which to gaze upon Valhalla’s exquisite exterior. Admire three body colours, including Aluminite Silver, Andromeda Red and Verdant Jade. Bend down to inspect the details of the bespoke wheels, carbon ceramic brakes and Michelin tyres, specifically developed for Valhalla. Luxuriate in Valhalla’s pure aerodynamics, with the perfect combination of function and form. It's beautiful form. Its striking proportions, and its exemplary detailing. Valhalla. Experienced first-hand. Also shared with others, thanks to live casting to an 85-inch screen. 


To be continued  

An immersive show that will now go on the road. To give Valhalla customers, and invited guests, across the world a chance to experience this sensational hybrid supercar. A car that pushes what’s possible. Using technology that challenges the brain to ask what’s real.