DB4GT & DB4GT Zagato

Two of the most valuable and collectable cars in Aston Martin's history - DB4GT and DB4GT Zagato remain popular with Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts alike. With a combined volume of just 100 examples in total, these cars have fetched over £1m at auction. As pre-cursors to perhaps the most famous Aston Martin, DB5, DB4GT and DB4GT Zagato played a crucial role in defining some of the iconic design cues still used in by Aston Martin today.


In October 1959, at the London Motor Show, an exciting new development of DB4 was unveiled. With a shorter chassis, faired in headlamps and an uprated engine with 3 Weber carburettors, DB4GT was designed to be equally at home on road and track.

DB4GT was 85Kg lighter than the DB4 and was raced extensively with success by many famous drivers of the day. 75 ‘Touring’ bodied cars were built including several lightweight versions produced specifically for racing to demonstrate the car’s superb capabilities.

DB4GT Zagato

In late 1960 DB4GT Zagato was unveiled at the London Motor Show, clothed in a stunningly beautiful and lightweight body from the famous Italian coachbuilder. Only 19 examples were produced and this rarity is reflected in their high value today.