Aston Martin DBX707. Fernando Alonso. The perfect lap

“The perfect lap. The tantalising possibility that we can do no better”– Fernando Alonso

The perfect lap. Driven at the limit. As fast as you, and your car, can go. What does that feel like? To find the limit, you need to feel it. Thinking takes too long. Hit the brakes. At the right time. Every. Single. Time.

Be fluid. Be smooth. With the brakes. With the steering wheel. With the throttle. Carry the maximum speed. Into every corner, and out. Minimise weight transfer. Use all the traction. All the time. Slide, but not too much.

Everything has to come together to achieve the perfect lap. The conditions. The track. The car. The driver. First, we dream it. Then, we try it. At a picturesque track in the South of France.

We took DBX707, and gave it to Fernando Alonso. Who gave it everything he had.