Step-by-step Android Auto Setup Guide

Not available on all models please confirm with your local dealer for vehicle and market availability.


1. Prepare your smartphone

To use Android Auto, you will need:

• An Android phone running Android 6.0 or higher, with an active data plan.

• Download the Android Auto app or update to the latest version of the app, if prompted.

• A high-quality USB cable.

You must complete the Android Auto setup process only when it is safe to do so.


2. Connecting an Android device

• Connect your smartphone with a high-quality USB cable to the type-C USB ports available in your car’s armrest.

• Once a compatible Android Auto device is connected via the smartphone-enabled USB port, the setup process will launch automatically.

• Check your smartphone to complete the initial setup process.

• See the prompts on the phone to learn safety information, accept the privacy policy, and grant the permissions required by Android Auto, or update to the newest version of the app.


3. Access Android Auto after set-up

Once the setup is complete, Android Auto is automatically launched and prompted on your vehicle display.

You can access Android Auto from the home screen by selecting the Android Auto Launcher icon while a smartphone is connected.

When Android Auto is active you can access any compatible apps you have on your phone including navigation, music, messages and calls.

It is recommended that “OK Google” detection is turned on in the smartphone. Google Assistant can be triggered by saying “OK Google”, long pressing the Voice button on the steering wheel, or by tapping on the Microphone icon in the navigation bar.

For the latest apps and features supported by Android Auto visit:


4. Troubleshooting

If you're experiencing issues launching Android Auto, please try the following recommendations:

• Make sure your smartphone apps are always up to date to the latest release, including Android system updates and Google Play Services.

• Use a high quality USB cable as recommended by your smartphone manufacturer.